MTS Transportation Acquired by High Desert Management Group in Strategic Expansion

In a significant development for the Texas trucking industry, MTS Transportation, Inc. has been acquired by High Desert Management Group, LLC. The transaction, facilitated by global M&A firm Benchmark International, represents a strategic move for High Desert as it seeks to expand its footprint and diversify its service offerings in the Texas market.

MTS Transportation, founded in Amarillo, Texas in 1982 and incorporated in 1990, has been a stalwart in the transportation industry for over four decades. From humble beginnings with a single tractor and refrigerated trailer, the company has grown to provide a wide range of services including 3PL solutions, full truck load transportation of refrigerated products, dry freight, flatbed, bulk carbon black, and bulk milk transportation across the nation.

High Desert Management Group, LLC, a newly formed holding company in Texas, has identified this acquisition as a key component of its growth strategy. The company aims to leverage MTS Transportation’s extensive experience and established presence to streamline its operations in dry freight and refrigerated product transportation within the Texas market.

Tim Merrill, CEO of MTS Transportation, expressed gratitude for the smooth transaction process, stating, ‘Thank you for everything you have contributed to, the timely and knowledgeable direction and for always having the time to help where and when needed. It was so appreciated.’

This acquisition is particularly noteworthy as it demonstrates the ongoing consolidation and evolution within the trucking industry. As companies seek to achieve economies of scale and broaden their service offerings, strategic acquisitions like this one become increasingly important. For customers in the Texas Panhandle and beyond, this merger could potentially lead to enhanced service options and improved efficiency in transportation logistics.

Jeffrey Garza, Deal Associate at Benchmark International, commented on the transaction: ‘It was exciting to get to the finish line with our client and even more exciting to help our client continue onto their next chapter in life, which we hope is filled with even more quality time with their friends and family. The Benchmark team has enjoyed working with MTS Transportation and High Desert Management Group, LLC through this process, and we wish both parties the best of luck in their future endeavors.’

The trucking industry plays a crucial role in the American economy, and transactions like this one can have far-reaching impacts. As High Desert Management Group integrates MTS Transportation’s assets and expertise, it is positioned to potentially offer more comprehensive solutions to clients in the transportation and logistics sector. This could lead to improved supply chain efficiencies and potentially benefit businesses across various industries that rely on trucking services.

For employees of MTS Transportation, this acquisition may open up new opportunities for career growth and development within a larger organization. It also signals confidence in the long-term prospects of the trucking industry in Texas, despite ongoing challenges such as driver shortages and fluctuating fuel costs.

As the trucking industry continues to evolve, with increasing emphasis on technological integration and sustainability, strategic mergers and acquisitions like this one are likely to become more common. Companies that can successfully navigate these transitions and build scale through smart acquisitions will be well-positioned to thrive in the competitive landscape of modern logistics.

The successful facilitation of this transaction by Benchmark International, a firm that has handled over $11 billion in transaction value across various industries, underscores the importance of experienced M&A advisors in complex business transactions. Their expertise in value-maximizing solutions for business growth and exit strategies has once again proven valuable in this deal.

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