HomeSphere and RM Interiors Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive Flooring Solutions to Homebuilders

In a move set to transform the homebuilding industry’s approach to flooring, HomeSphere has announced a strategic partnership with RM Interiors (RMI), a full-service residential flooring installation company. This collaboration is poised to offer significant benefits to HomeSphere’s extensive network of over 2,700 U.S. builders, providing them access to RMI’s comprehensive turnkey flooring program.

The partnership between HomeSphere and RM Interiors addresses one of the most substantial expenses in home construction: flooring. RMI’s end-to-end service includes sourcing and installation of various flooring types, including vinyl plank, tile, and carpet, from leading manufacturers across the nation. This integrated approach is expected to yield considerable time and cost savings for builders, potentially improving their profit margins.

HomeSphere President and CEO Greg Schwarzer highlighted the unique aspect of this partnership, stating, ‘RM Interiors is one of the first HomeSphere partners to offer end-to-end purchasing and labor services.’ He emphasized RMI’s extensive experience, noting that they install thousands of flooring units monthly across the country in both new construction and renovation projects.

The significance of this partnership lies in its potential to accelerate home construction processes and enhance builder profitability. By leveraging RMI’s expertise, HomeSphere’s builders can streamline their operations, potentially leading to faster project completions and improved financial outcomes.

RMI’s comprehensive service model is a key factor in this partnership’s value proposition. The company operates local warehouses and deploys field teams across various U.S. markets, offering products, labor, installation, and staging from local sites. This localized approach is designed to minimize logistical challenges and reduce overall project timelines.

Cole Bennett, RMI’s Director of Business Development, emphasized the impact of flooring costs on construction projects. ‘Flooring is one of the most significant interior expenses on any construction project,’ Bennett stated. He explained that RMI’s system finds efficiencies by managing products, labor, and installation under one brand, a benefit that will now be extended to HomeSphere builders.

This partnership is particularly relevant in the current homebuilding landscape, where efficiency and cost management are crucial. As the largest homebuilding group in the country by volume, HomeSphere’s network constructs and closes more than 250,000 new homes and units annually. The introduction of RMI’s services to this vast network has the potential to create a significant ripple effect across the industry, possibly setting new standards for flooring installation in home construction.

For the homebuilding industry, this collaboration represents a shift towards more integrated and efficient construction processes. It addresses the ongoing challenges of managing multiple vendors and coordinating various aspects of home construction. By centralizing the flooring process, from product selection to installation, builders can potentially reduce project complexities and focus on other critical aspects of home construction.

The partnership also aligns with broader industry trends towards digitalization and streamlined operations. HomeSphere’s platform, HomeSphere-HQ, already allows builders to capture incentives on completed homes and discover new products for future projects. The addition of RMI’s services to this ecosystem further enhances the platform’s value, offering builders a more comprehensive suite of tools and services to optimize their operations.

As the homebuilding industry continues to evolve, partnerships like this between HomeSphere and RM Interiors may become increasingly common. Such collaborations have the potential to reshape industry practices, driving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation in home construction. The impact of this partnership will likely be closely watched by industry stakeholders, as it could set a precedent for future integrations and service offerings in the homebuilding sector.

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