Ryvid Unveils Power Controller Upgrade for Enhanced Electric Motorcycle Performance

Ryvid, the California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, has announced a significant performance enhancement for its Anthem and Outset models. The company is now offering a Power Controller Upgrade developed by Accelerated Systems Inc (ASI), which promises to transform the riding experience for both new and existing customers.

The upgrade, available for both new orders and as a retrofit for current owners, delivers a substantial increase in power and torque. According to Ryvid’s engineering tests, the ASI Controller boosts peak torque at the wheel from 250 ft-lb to an impressive 334 ft-lb, using the stock 4.7:1 final drive. Additionally, peak horsepower sees a jump from 20hp to 27hp. Remarkably, these performance gains come without any negative impact on battery range.

This enhancement not only makes the Ryvid Anthem and Outset more exhilarating to ride but also improves their highway capability. The increased acceleration and torque make these electric motorcycles more versatile for various riding conditions. However, Ryvid emphasizes that due to the significant performance boost, the Power Controller Upgrade is recommended for experienced riders.

Both models retain their selectable riding modes, allowing riders to choose between Sport and Eco modes. In Eco mode, power delivery is moderated, and regenerative braking is activated. Sport mode unleashes the full potential of the 72V air-cooled, brushless DC motor and the removable 4.3kWh battery with integrated charger, offering stronger regenerative braking that can be further enhanced by a rider-selected trigger.

As part of a limited-time promotional offer, Ryvid is including the ASI Controller for free with Outset orders placed before July 31, 2024. For the Anthem model, new or current owners can purchase the $800 controller through the company’s website. Ryvid provides installation options for the upgrade, including a DIY approach with guidance videos or professional installation by a Ryvid technician for a service fee.

The Power Controller Upgrade has received positive feedback from riders and media reviewers, who report enhanced performance that elevates the already positive impressions of these affordable electric motorcycles. The Anthem is priced at $6,495, while the new Outset is available at $5,995.

Both the Anthem and Outset share key features, including a rigid steel backbone frame, instrument display, removable 4.3kWh battery with integrated charger, 72V air-cooled brushless DC motor, controller, and sealed belt drive. They boast a top speed of over 75mph and a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge. The battery can be quickly charged from both 110V and 220V power supplies.

The Outset has a 33-inch seat height, while the Anthem offers an adjustable seat height from 31 to 34 inches, accommodating a wide range of riders. Both models are lightweight, with the Anthem weighing 313 lbs and the Outset 315 lbs, contributing to their exceptional handling characteristics.

An innovative feature of these electric motorcycles is the Ryvid Reverse Drive, which allows riders to move the bike backward at walking speed when stopped, useful for maneuvering in tight spaces or on slopes.

Ryvid’s commitment to sustainable and enjoyable personal mobility is evident in their design philosophy. The company, founded by enthusiasts and engineered by innovators from the aerospace industry, aims to revolutionize urban commuting with their lightweight, affordable electric motorcycles that have a lower carbon footprint compared to competitors.

The introduction of the Power Controller Upgrade by ASI represents a significant step forward in electric motorcycle technology. It demonstrates Ryvid’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in the rapidly growing field of electric light vehicles. As urban areas increasingly focus on sustainable transportation solutions, upgrades like this could play a crucial role in making electric motorcycles more appealing and practical for a broader range of riders.

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