Zonit and World Cord Sets Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Data Center Power Solutions

In a move set to reshape the landscape of data center power solutions, Zonit, a frontrunner in data center power path security, redundancy, and distribution, has entered into a strategic stocking partnership with World Cord Sets, a major reseller of IT products and a leading name in power and communications. This collaboration, announced on July 09, 2024, is poised to significantly enhance the availability of Zonit’s product line to IT professionals while boosting revenues for both companies.

The partnership introduces several key benefits, including reduced lead times and ‘Buy Now’ purchasing options, which are expected to streamline the procurement process for IT professionals seeking high-quality power solutions. Jay Bradley, SVP of Sales at Zonit, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, ‘We are thrilled to partner with World Cord Sets as our official online reseller and look forward to working with their team to make Zonit products easier to source and implement.’

Samantha Kay, VP of Sales at World Cord Sets, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the potential impact on their customer base. ‘This partnership presents a fantastic opportunity to expand World Cord Sets’ offerings and support more customers with the high-quality products Zonit produces. We believe it will significantly impact our current and future IT customers,’ Kay remarked.

As part of this agreement, World Cord Sets will become the official online reseller for two of Zonit’s flagship products: the patented zLock locking IEC power cords and the zATS Micro, which is touted as the only Zero-U power redundancy solution available in the market. These products will now be accessible through World Cord Sets’ user-friendly online shop, exposing them to a broader customer base.

The significance of this partnership extends beyond mere product availability. In an era where data center reliability and efficiency are paramount, the collaboration between Zonit and World Cord Sets addresses critical needs in the industry. Zonit’s focus on power path security and redundancy aligns with the growing demand for robust, fail-safe power solutions in data centers. By making these specialized products more readily available, the partnership aims to enhance the overall resilience and performance of data center operations.

For IT professionals and data center managers, this partnership translates to improved access to cutting-edge power solutions. The reduced lead times and immediate purchasing options are particularly valuable in an industry where downtime can have severe consequences. The availability of Zonit’s zLock locking IEC power cords through World Cord Sets addresses the crucial need for secure power connections, potentially reducing the risk of accidental disconnections that can lead to costly outages.

Moreover, the introduction of the zATS Micro to World Cord Sets’ inventory offers data center operators a unique solution for power redundancy without consuming valuable rack space. This Zero-U solution could be a game-changer for facilities looking to optimize space utilization while enhancing power reliability.

The partnership also reflects a broader trend in the IT industry towards more integrated and efficient supply chains. By joining forces, Zonit and World Cord Sets are creating a more streamlined path for customers to access specialized data center power products, potentially setting a new standard for product distribution in the sector.

As data centers continue to play an increasingly critical role in global digital infrastructure, partnerships like this one between Zonit and World Cord Sets become instrumental in driving innovation and accessibility in the industry. The collaboration not only promises to benefit the two companies involved but also stands to contribute significantly to the overall advancement of data center technology and operational efficiency.

For more information about Zonit’s products, interested parties can visit www.zonit.com. To explore World Cord Sets’ offerings, including the newly available Zonit products, customers can visit shop.worldcordsets.com.

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