Forever Network Breaks into ComScore’s Top 25 US Media Rankings

Forever Network, a rapidly growing independent sports content brand, has made a significant impact in the media industry by securing the 24th position in ComScore’s US Media outlet rankings. This achievement places the company among media giants such as Warner Bros, Walt Disney, and Comcast, while also establishing it as the eighth top sports media company alongside industry leaders like the NBA, NFL, Barstool Sports, and WWE.

The company’s success can be attributed to its recent expansion into new sports verticals, including football, baseball, and hockey. These additions have complemented Forever Network’s original basketball-focused content, resulting in impressive engagement metrics across its social media channels. Year-to-date, the network has garnered 3.6 billion total impressions and 356 million engagements across its sports platforms.

Alex Sumsky, CEO and co-founder of Forever Network, emphasized the significance of this ranking, stating, ‘Getting ranked so high by ComScore legitimizes the work we have put in since establishing a North American presence at the beginning of this year.’ Sumsky also highlighted the company’s commitment to user experience and providing top-quality content across multiple sports.

The network’s expansion has been particularly successful with its new verticals. Football Forever, launched in April, has already accumulated 528 million impressions. Dugout Forever, focused on baseball, has earned 198 million impressions since its March launch, while Hockey Forever has garnered 282 million impressions since May.

Nick Kelland, Chief Strategy Officer of Basketball Forever, expressed optimism about the company’s future growth, revealing plans for a new soccer vertical set to debut in July. With this addition, Forever Network anticipates capturing more than eight billion impressions before the end of the year, further solidifying its position in the competitive media landscape.

The company’s rapid ascent in the media rankings follows a recent $4 million Series A funding round, which has fueled its North American expansion and the development of new verticals. Additionally, Forever Network is on track to launch proprietary free-to-play and real-money games later this year, including V.O.A.T., Hot Hands, and Streaker.

Forever Network’s success story began with Basketball Forever, founded in 2015 with a mission to celebrate basketball and its unifying power. The brand has since evolved into a leading source for sports news, commentary, and culture, employing a unique social-first approach. Currently, Basketball Forever ranks as the top global sports company among millennials by engagement, boasting 3.9 billion yearly impressions and a monthly global reach of 105 million unique visitors.

As Forever Network continues to expand its reach and diversify its content offerings, its entry into ComScore’s Top 25 US Media rankings signifies a major milestone in the company’s journey. This achievement not only validates its growth strategy but also positions Forever Network as a formidable player in the digital sports media landscape, challenging established industry giants and reshaping how sports content is consumed and engaged with by millions of fans worldwide.

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