Green Lantern Solar Expands Renewable Energy Footprint with Sale of Maine Solar Projects

Green Lantern Solar, a prominent renewable energy developer, has successfully closed a deal to sell two fully permitted community solar projects in Maine to Madison Energy Infrastructure. This transaction represents a notable advancement in the expansion of solar energy infrastructure in the northeastern United States.

The two projects, each with a capacity of 975 kilowatts (kW) AC, are currently under construction and are expected to be operational by 2024. The Mechanic Falls solar project, situated on 7.748 acres, boasts a system size of 1504.2 kW DC and is projected to generate 1,845,653 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually. The Roosevelt Trail solar project in Windham, spanning 11.24 acres, features a larger system size of 1684.8 kW DC and is anticipated to produce 1,930,780 kWh per year.

Scott Buckley, President of Green Lantern Solar, expressed enthusiasm about the sale, stating, ‘We are thrilled to close on the sales of these two fully developed and permitted solar projects to our partner Madison Energy Infrastructure, which we hope are the first of many.’ Buckley emphasized the company’s commitment to meticulously preparing high-quality solar projects in optimal locations to benefit communities and businesses across their operational footprint.

The sale underscores Green Lantern Solar’s dedication to accelerating the adoption of renewable energy solutions and advancing sustainability efforts in Maine and beyond. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, the company leverages its expertise in local outreach, real estate, engineering, and construction to develop projects that meet the highest standards for acquisition by long-term owner-operators.

Richard Walsh, CEO at Madison Energy Infrastructure, praised Green Lantern Solar’s approach to project development, noting, ‘Their meticulous site selection and focus on community engagement mirror our own values, and this partnership on these Maine projects is a perfect example. We’re proud to collaborate together to deliver on the promise of clean energy.’

This transaction marks a significant milestone for both Green Lantern Solar and Madison Energy Infrastructure as they work together to advance a greener energy future. The collaboration between these two companies demonstrates the growing momentum in the renewable energy sector and the increasing importance of community solar projects in the transition to sustainable power sources.

The completion of these projects will contribute to Maine’s renewable energy goals and provide local communities with access to clean, sustainable power. Community solar projects like these allow residents and businesses to benefit from solar energy without the need for individual rooftop installations, making renewable energy more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

Green Lantern Solar’s track record of developing over 125 community solar projects and commercial solar solutions for various entities, including municipal, education, healthcare, and government organizations, positions them as a key player in the renewable energy landscape. Their focus on revitalizing low-value sites such as brownfields, landfills, and quarries for solar development showcases an innovative approach to land use and sustainability.

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, partnerships like the one between Green Lantern Solar and Madison Energy Infrastructure are likely to become increasingly common. These collaborations combine the expertise of experienced developers with the resources of long-term owner-operators, facilitating the rapid expansion of clean energy infrastructure across the United States.

The sale of these Maine solar projects represents not only a business transaction but also a step forward in the broader effort to combat climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. As more community solar projects come online, they will play a crucial role in diversifying the energy mix and creating a more resilient and sustainable power grid for future generations.

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