Insa Cannabis Unveils Limited-Edition Products in Celebration of 4/20

Leading Massachusetts-based cannabis grower and retailer, Insa, is releasing a new line of limited-edition products just in time for warmer weather. April showers bring Insa cannabis flower, and that means it is time for the annual re-introduction to some of the best treats imaginable to celebrate the season. Available at Insa’s Massachusetts locations for a limited time, the brand will release a 4/20 signature dark chocolate pretzel bar. Insa is also launching a brand-new fruit flavored vaporizer, available for a limited time at Insa’s Massachusetts and Florida retail locations. In addition, Insa is adding new, core items available long after the cannabis holiday including two new blunts and an updated 5-pack pre-roll option. But wait, there’s more… back by popular demand, Insa’s delicious spring seasonals are returning to store shelves in Massachusetts. Handcrafted with real fruit and quality European chocolate, the brand welcomes back signature drops and fan-favorite chocolate bars.

“The variety of the exclusive seasonals and 4/20 products Insa brings to the market, further demonstrates our mission to provide exciting products for all desired consumption methods,” said Julian Rose, Head Chef and Director of R&D at Insa. “Our team worked to ensure all patients and consumers can celebrate 4/20 with their favorite form factor. Each delectable treat is crafted with fresh, unique ingredients that will leave you wanting more of what’s in store at Insa this spring – there is truly Insa, for everyone.” 

Insa’s 4/20 Offerings 

Baked at 420 Degrees

Insa’s limited-edition 4/20 Pretzel Bar comes loaded with salty crushed pretzel pieces delicately layered in luxuriously rich dark chocolate. Releasing for the first time ever this spring, this chocolate bar brings the most whimsical munchie fantasy to reality. Insa’s 4/20 Pretzel Bar retails for $25.

Insa’s New Core Items 

Time for a Blunt

As soon as the clock strikes 4:20, it’s time to try Insa’s deliciously smooth, slow burning blunts. Available with 2 different wrap options: all-natural Sage and Cocoa, these 1g blunts are for those who prefer to puff slowly and steadily, letting you bake in their sweet, silky flavor for a session worth savoring.

Gimme Five!

Insa is giving “high-five” a new meaning with new and improved Insa pre-roll multipacks. For those moments when one just won’t do, new multi packs contain five expertly rolled .5g pre-rolls available in a variety of favorite Insa cultivars. Packaged in a durable case for unmatched freshness and protection, taking pre-rolls on-the-go has never been more convenient.

Insa’s Spring Seasonals 

High End Coffee is Brewing!

Back by popular demand, Insa’s Coffee & Donuts Chocolate Bar is reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop – robust, bold coffee notes paired perfectly with freshly made donuts. Delightfully smooth European milk chocolate is blended with in-house roasted espresso and Colombian beans from Insa’s neighbor, Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters. With natural donut flavors, a finishing sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, and 5mg of THC per piece, this infused chocolate bar brings high end coffee to the next level. Insa’s Coffee & Donuts Chocolate Bar retails for $25.

Straight to the Tropics

Take your own getaway with Insa’s Superfruit Tropical Citrus Drops, a mouthwatering blend of exotic Cacao Fruit and natural citrus juices that deliver a deliciously zesty Drop infused with 5mg THC per piece. Cacao Fruit is derived from the Cocoa Pod (yes, the chocolate one!) and has gained a reputation as a superfruit due to its extraordinary levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Containing 100% natural juices of the Cacao Fruit, the delicious THC edible utilizes the power of the superfruit for all your tropical fantasies. Insa’s Superfruit Tropical Citrus Drops retail for $25.

Smell the Peach Blossoms (available in Insa’s Massachusetts & Florida retail locations)

Savor the sweetness of spring with the brand-new Peaches & Cream Vaporizers! The flavors of fresh peaches are complimented perfectly with rich pound cake and whipped cream. The Peaches & Cream Vaporizers are available in 500mg cartridges and dart pods that retail for $40 and 350mg pens that retail for $30.

 About Insa

Insa is a vertically integrated, independent cannabis company. Founded in 2013, the Company was started in Springfield, MA – home to its co-founders (and best buds), Pete Gallagher and Pat Gottschlicht. Dedicated to making its patients’ good days even better (through cannabis), the Company specializes in every step of the cannabis process, from sourcing to growing to creating and dispensing meticulously crafted products that suit everyone’s unique needs. Insa offers a cannabis experience that’s trustworthy and effective, personal, and handcrafted. Insa has retail stores in Massachusetts and Florida. The Company is developing additional new locations in FL, CT, and OH in 2023. Insa has wide distribution through wholesale partners across PA and MA. To learn more about Insa please visit