Elijah Norton Shares Success Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Elijah Norton, the president and executive chairman of Veritas Global Protection, recently sat down with DotCom Magazine and revealed his secrets to business success. Mr. Norton is a successful entrepreneur, thought leader, visionary, and influencer. Together with other established entrepreneurs, CEOs, and bestselling authors, he wants to help budding entrepreneurs fulfill their ambitions by sharing his tips on achieving business success.

The Role of Innovation

Innovation is a core value that separates Veritas Global Protection from the competition. From the start,
Elijah Norton and his team have always sought to serve clients better by developing new products and services. By focusing its efforts in this direction, the company has created a large customer base and redefined standards in the industry. Specifically, the company is credited with being one of the first to offer both electric and exotic vehicle protection plans.

The Value of a Loyal Customer Base

When asked about creating raving fans, Elijah noted that Veritas had competitive pricing. However, the company’s success could largely be attributed to its focus on outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

The Power of Patience

It took Elijah three years to succeed in his first venture. However, he recommends that entrepreneurs give their startups at least five before calling it quits. Building a successful business takes time, so entrepreneurs should recognize the importance of being in it for the long haul. In fact, there are numerous examples of businesses that only hit their mark after ten years, so patience is a key ingredient in the recipe for success.

Of course, some businesses are overnight successes, but generally, entrepreneurs who believe in their ideas should be willing to pour in a massive effort over several years to ensure their businesses thrive.

The Importance of Responsiveness

Everybody hates calling a customer helpline only to be ignored. If a distressed customer sends an email and does not receive a response for several days, it could be the event that ensures the customer will no longer engage with the business.

From the time Veritas Global Protection started, Elijah and the team made it a habit to proactively return calls from both clients and customers to find out if they had any concerns that needed to be addressed. Such efforts clearly expressed Veritas’ commitment to client and customer care—a key factor in the company’s success today.

The Role of Leadership in Business

Mr. Norton deeply understands the importance of leadership. A great leader knows when to be tough and when a gentler approach is required. They know how to handle customer relations and take care of their employees. After recruiting a great team, exceptional leaders are capable of motivating them with or without financial incentives.

The good news is that leadership can be learned, so entrepreneurs can certainly work toward becoming great business leaders. The process can be significantly facilitated under the guidance of an experienced mentor.