Eric Blue, Nevly CEO, Highlights the Benefits of Fintech for Consumers

Nevly CEO and founder Eric Blue continues to feel excitement for his business more than two years after its launch. Offering an upcoming personal finance super app[1] [2] designed with consumers in mind, Blue can’t wait to highlight the benefits of the fintech industry for more people.

Blue believes users will find the app much more efficient than traditional financial services. He wants Nevly to replace multiple financial service platforms and instead allow users to manage their finances in one place. Everything within one app will enable people to set better goals and reach realistic expectations.

Nevly also provides people easy access to financial services anywhere they have internet service, 24 hours a day. That’s important because better accessibility helps people manage their finances and improve their knowledge of money.

The desktop option, Nevly Money, is already live. Once the Nevly app officially launches later this year, banking, investing, insurance, information, and much more will be accessible on the go.

Keeping Nevly affordable is something
Eric Blue is very proud of. Fintech solutions have gained the reputation of being cost-effective because of fewer overhead costs. To get the Nevly app in the hands of as many people as possible, Blue wants to keep the user’s cost low. A low-cost solution can help those who previously had limited financial resources.

Blue grew up with a single mother, and they struggled with money during his childhood. Those early days motivated him years later to take a chance and launch a new business.

“My childhood experiences prepared me to build what I truly believe will be a generation-altering business,” Blue said in an interview with

Blue set high expectations for Nevly from the start. He wants the app to help people improve their financial health and reach new levels of financial freedom. This can happen by leveraging technology to make small changes with money.

Every single improvement makes more significant, noticeable changes. It’s also a way for people to feel confident moving forward. To learn more about Nevly and everything they have planned to help consumers, visit

Again, why this phrase?

On the front page of, this is what’s used to describe the app. I thought this phrasing was done on purpose.

About Eric Blue and Nevly

Eric Blue launched Nevly in 2021. The company focuses on providing products and services for consumers to help them with credit, financial literacy, wealth management, and more. Nevly Money launched in 2021, with his upcoming app release slated for 2023.