MbenzGram Reviews Eibach Lowering Springs in Latest YouTube Video

MbenzGram, a California-based company, released a new YouTube video reviewing Eibach Lowering Springs to its viewers. In the video, MBGRAM Garage’s Dustin walks viewers through the aftermarket addition to a vehicle’s suspension designed to lower the car’s center of gravity.

Petrolheads can marvel at the Eibach Lowering Springs while the auto professional walks them through everything they need to know about the component.

With various spring sizes to choose from, MbenzGram’s review showcases the model that’s perfect for the Chrysler 300C. But auto lovers shouldn’t be concerned, as the company boasts a wide size selection on its website, ensuring a model to fit almost every vehicle.

The February video takes an informative approach to its review, and viewers get access to many details about Eibach Lowering Springs, including the following:

  • Dustin mentions that the aptly named springs help lower the car’s center of gravity.
  • Upon lowering the center of gravity, the springs give the car a more aggressive look.
  • Lowering springs let drivers corner at higher rates of speed, enhancing their driving experience.
  • Eibach Lowering Springs do not alter the ride quality like other brands, thanks to their incredible engineering and top-notch construction.

Other online reviewers mentioned the easy installation of the Eibach Lowering Springs and agreed with MbenzGram’s Dustin that the ride quality doesn’t change once fitted. Users will undoubtedly benefit from the reduced floatiness and body rolls around tight bends at high speeds.

With more responsive steering and no harsh rides (except some added stiffness over bumps that’s more noticeable when driving through cities), many people adore the Eibach Lowering Springs, MbenzGram concluded.

Eibach is one of the huge name brands in auto customizations, though many people have tried to secure the Lowering Springs in the US without luck—but MbenzGram makes it easy.

As of Tuesday, February 6, 2023, customers can view the company’s review of the Eibach Lowering Springs and decide whether to purchase them from the MBGRAM website. The spring kits are currently on sale, ensuring customers get a fantastic deal on their slick new ride.

The MBGRAM YouTube channel boasts a wide range of reviews. Along with the latest video featuring the Eibach Lowering Springs, viewers can peruse the company’s back catalog and take a look at their reviews of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss Tires, Method Wheels, WaveTrac Differentials, and so much more. It’s a haven for petrolheads and all-around motor lovers.

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