Peter Arn, CEO Of ROM Technologies, Is Revolutionizing Post-Operative Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Peter Arn, CEO of ROM Technologies, Inc.—ROMTech® for short—is revolutionizing the world of post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation with his company’s innovative suite of patented technologies and rehab devices. The company’s flagship technology, the ROMTech PortableConnect®, facilitates remote, at-home rehabilitation and is proven to help patients recover faster, with significantly less pain, following knee surgery and other arthroscopic repairs.

The ROMTech PortableConnect: What Is it And How Does It Help During Recovery?

ROM Technologies’ PortableConnect device is a next-gen telemedicine technology that enables patients to recover from knee surgery in the comfort, safety, and convenience of home. With automated therapy protocols and a suite of devices that measure and track patient metrics, the PortableConnect walks patients through the recovery process one step at a time, all while sending key medical data to the patient’s physician for remote clinical monitoring in real-time.

Ergonomically designed, lightweight, and portable, the PortableConnect device provides gentle therapeutic movement and frequent, daily therapy sessions throughout a patient’s recovery. These at-home therapy sessions result in less pain, faster recovery, and overall better patient outcomes.

Clinical studies have found that patients who use the PortableConnect following knee surgery experience better mobility and regain their pre-operative range of motion faster than patients who use traditional rehab only.

The PortableConnect: Key Features

Touchscreen Display Interface

The PortableConnect user interface is a touchscreen display that presents patients with a variety of data, visuals, and graphics. The touchscreen gives patients visual and audio instructions that walk them through each therapy session in an easy to follow, step-by-step, interactive format. The screen also displays data about how well they are performing so patients can keep track of their progress.

Adaptive Pedal Technology

The PortableConnect features a patented adaptive pedal technology that automatically adjusts the pedal radius to match the patient’s current range of motion, enabling patients to begin rehab even with extremely limited range of motion. Additionally, the device’s Dynamic Therapy Protocol Routines deliver four different types of motion—passive, active-assisted, active, and resistance—creating a dynamic therapy program proven to achieve superior patient outcomes.


The AccuAngle is ROMTech’s patented, wearable, range of motion tracking device. Patients wear the AccuAngle on their recovery leg during each therapy session, and it automatically tracks and records knee extension and flexion. That data is then pushed to the patient’s physician for clinical monitoring and is also displayed on the PortableConnect touchscreen so patients can track their progress.

PortableConnect App

ROM Technologies’ HIPAA-compliant app includes both a clinician portal and a patient portal. The clinician portal allows physicians to see real-time data during each of the patient’s rehab sessions and enables physicians to adjust a patient’s treatment plan as needed. The patient portal shows patients key data about their recovery so they can track their progress.

Additionally, the app facilitates direct face-to-face videochats between patients and their clinicians, via the touchscreen interface.

Surgeons Nationwide Choose the ROMTech PortableConnect

In addition to achieving superior patient outcomes, faster recovery, and less pain, the PortableConnect can also minimize the number of visits a patient makes to physical therapy facilities. Instead of the traditional 2-3 days per week in a treatment facility, patients now do multiple short sessions per day, in their home. This cuts down on the need to travel, which can be difficult and painful for patients.

Due to the advanced telemedicine features of the device, clinicians nationwide are making the PortableConnect the centerpiece of their recommended treatment plans. 

While traditional rehabilitation hasn’t been fully replaced, many experts predict at-home telehealth devices are the future of post-op rehab care in orthopedics as well as many other medical fields—and the ROMTech PortableConnect is pioneering this new field of medicine.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, ROMTech is helping patients recover faster, experience less pain, and achieve better overall outcomes. Visit the ROMTech website to learn more.