Veritas Global Protection Offers Ancillary Protection

Every new vehicle comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is meant to give the buyer the peace of mind that comes with knowing the vehicle is flawless. A manufacturer’s warranty is usually valid for three to five years, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. Many manufacturers also specify the number of miles a vehicle can drive and still be under warranty.

It’s important to note that while a manufacturer’s warranty covers a vehicle’s major parts, it doesn’t cover everything. For instance, these warranties don’t usually cover tire damage caused by road hazards. The good news is that
Veritas Global Protection offers ancillary protection to fill coverage gaps left by manufacturers’ warranties.

Ancillary Products Offered by Veritas Global Protection

Anyone who wants to buy a vehicle protection plan can turn to Veritas for comprehensive coverage. Consumers who still have a valid manufacturer’s warranty, on the other hand, can buy one or more auxiliary products the company offers, including windshield repair, paintless dent repair, key and remote replacement, cosmetic wheel repair, and tire and wheel protection, among other things. Veritas offers programs for regular, recreational, and motorsport vehicles.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Road hazards can cause extensive damage to a car’s wheels and tires. Repairing, replacing, mounting, and/or balancing a wheel can be costly, especially if several of them have been damaged. Veritas’s ancillary protection can give consumers peace of mind when they’re driving on public roads because the company will pay the costs associated with repairing or replacing wheels.

Tire and Wheel Protection Benefits

This policy covers an unlimited number of wheels and tires, so clients can repair or replace multiple wheels at the same time without worrying about paying out of pocket. In addition to repair and replacement costs, the policy also covers other related costs, such as wheel mounting and balancing. Common road hazards that are covered include (but are not limited to): potholes, road debris, and rocks. Clients also receive flat tire repairs and run-flat protection.

Other Benefits

All Veritas customers receive free roadside assistance, free car hire service, and free towing. Whether they have a vehicle protection plan or one (or more) of our ancillary products, they are assured of emergency assistance whenever they need it.

The free car hire service is meant to minimize client downtimes. If people have multiple tire damage, they can’t use their vehicles, so after they file an online or phone claim, Veritas will provide them with a free rental car to use while they wait for their vehicle to be fixed.

Veritas has a large network of partners throughout the country. Customers can expect roadside assistance in a matter of minutes as opposed to several hours. Veritas is able to dispatch a local partner to offer assistance as soon as possible. The plans Veritas offers are transferable, so if a client wishes to sell their vehicle, they can ask for a higher price because of the ancillary protection.