CarGuard Administration Offers Prepaid Maintenance

CarGuard Administration is now offering a prepaid maintenance plan to complement its vehicle protection plans and help customers everywhere.

CarGuard is well known for its vehicle protection plans, which help motorists avoid expensive repair bills and offer roadside assistance for breakdowns. Now, the company has begun offering customers prepaid maintenance plans to help customers save money in the long term regarding things like basic vehicle maintenance.

These maintenance plans have a wide range of benefits, including that they cover several of the areas that many people delay when it comes to getting their car serviced. A lot of people put off things like getting their brake pads or their oil changed because these things are expensive and can seem non-urgent at the time. You might be thinking, “next time” or “it’s probably fine for now.” You are far from alone if so.

However, delaying essential things like oil changes can leave your vehicle in a worse position, increasing the wear and tear and leaving it more likely to break down. It may also invalidate things like an existing warranty (if you have one) because you aren’t taking care of your car in line with your warranty agreement.

CarGuard maintenance plans offer protection on things like:

  • Your battery failing
  • Getting your cooling system maintained
  • Getting your brake pads replaced
  • Getting your oil changed

You may think that these things are unimportant or that you aren’t likely to get around to doing them, but they can actually save you money in the long term. Not doing them may also trigger limitations with your manufacturer’s warranty, because you are obliged to maintain your car up to a certain standard if you want them to pay to fix it when things go wrong.

Whether or not you have an existing warranty, you could benefit from a maintenance plan, because it will encourage you to keep on top of your general vehicle maintenance and may make you more proactive about doing the little tasks that keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent bigger problems from occurring later.

About CarGuard

CarGuard Administration is a company that offers things like a vehicle protection plan to help customers avoid paying big bills for their car repairs. It’s a business invested in providing the best possible customer service, making sure it answers urgent calls quickly, and extending help to any of its customers who are stuck.