Darren and Mike: Digital Business Trends in 2023

Darren and Mike, digital business consultants, have recently highlighted the shift in online business trends for the remaining months of 2023. Times are constantly changing as the 2020s tick by. To keep up with the trends, the duo releases ever-changing information to increase sales and improve businesses through their mentorship.

Remaining relevant in the near future requires staying abreast of such information to prioritize effectively. As customer demands change swiftly, so must businesses’ abilities to drive growth and navigate international tensions, expectations, and growth.

As of today, online businesses can seek guidance from expert mentors Mike and Darren. Their advice will give them the tools and knowledge they need to hop on 2023’s digital business trends bandwagon.

These trends include:

The Increasing Use of Mobile Shopping: This year, mobile commerce is more than just utilizing smartphones to buy things online. It includes all purchasing activity (mobile ads, speaking to sales representatives, browsing websites, etc.) made on mobile devices.

Increased Personalization: Consumers seek customized e-commerce experiences this year. They’re much more likely to stick with a brand if they obtain a personalized shopping experience. From product recommendations to discounts to offers to bundles, personalization is a crucial factor for all digital businesses in 2023.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Analytics: Since custom shopping experiences are rising, more businesses are using AI to collect and analyze shopping behavior data.

Boosted Privacy Importance: Some consumers regard privacy over personalization, and many are becoming more aware that e-commerce sites collect data. So, zero-party data is quickly becoming 2023’s hottest digital business trend. This is especially true as Google plans to end third-party cookie support.

The Voice Search Rise: Marketers worldwide use voice search to improve their social commerce strategies and increase their brands’ accessibility.

The Darren and Mike dream team can help digital businesses take advantage of this year’s shifting trend. The duo can provide the sales systems and analytics tools required to monetize lead lists and grow brands effectively. Companies can contact the team on their website or connect with them on social media.

About Darren and Mike

Darren and Mike is an independently owned and operated online mentorship business founded by Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher, focused on helping others lead the lives they truly want to. The duo offers monetization, sales tools, systems, and analytics education to those wishing to start their own online businesses.