Peter Arn CEO of ROMTech, Spearheads the Advancement of Medical Rehabilitation Technology

Physical therapy is a trying time for patients who need to endure a lengthy regimen of exercises and treatment courses to return to their daily activities.

Peter Arn CEO of ROM Technologies ™, is looking to change the lengthy and often laborious physical recovery process by advancing rehabilitation technology through ROMTech’s ® PortableConnect ®.

ROMTech ® is a medical devices company specializing in lower extremity rehabilitation.

Their adaptive medical technologies are designed to help clinicians and patients connect through telemedicine visits, allowing better engagement and improved healthcare service.

ROMTech ® describes its mission as “providing customizable rehabilitation protocols.” In practice, RomTech ® allows patients to connect with clinicians and recover in the safe space of their own homes.

An experienced entrepreneur and product developer, Peter Arn CEO has been heavily involved in ROMTech’s ® rethinking of traditional orthopedic recovery methods. He’s raised more than $20 million in startup funding and guided many projects from first conception to a successful product.

PortableConnect ® is one such technology that facilitates gentle, therapeutic movements through a limited range of motion—allowing patients to perform exercises with manageable, frequent sessions, resulting in faster recovery time.

This technology also reduces reliance on narcotics, motivates patients to follow through with physical therapy, and helps them to return to their daily activities more quickly.

ROMTech ® works with physicians who determine if the PortableConnect ® is right for a patient; if so, a ROMTech ® Field Clinician delivers the device directly to the patient’s home, sets it up, and demonstrates its use to the patient. Treatment plans usually consist of 3-5 sessions per day, lasting 3-6 weeks.

The advent of this technology has primarily been accelerated by Peter Arn’s entrepreneurial endeavors, helping to elevate the product in the public eye and developing the PortableConnect ® all the way from a creative idea to a valuable clinical resource in the orthopedic telemedicine industry.

The company has produced other patented devices allowing patients with limitations in lower extremity movement to start exercising a limited range of motion on the affected area.

The importance of physical therapy in recovery from injuries cannot be overstated. Via the PortableConnect ®, patients with knee, hip, joint, or limb inhibitions can immediately begin recovery.

The merit in this process is twofold: not only can patients quickly see progress towards their recovery, but thanks to ROMTech’s ® system of operations, patients can also expect to save a significant amount of money with regard to costs associated with medical facility treatment and rehabilitation.

ROMTech ® is profoundly excited to share its technology with the world, designed to improve the postoperative orthopedic care process through telemedicine.

To date, ROMTech ® is the leader in advanced orthopedic rehab technology, helping patients recovering from knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, joint manipulations, ACL, and other arthroscopic repairs.

ROMTech ® reports that recovery times are halved when doctors prescribe their patented medical devices, leading to superior pain management and a quicker return to normalcy through quality treatment.

Peter Arn, CEO of ROMTech ®, has made significant strides in advancing rehabilitation technology, more recently through the PortableConnect ®, a technology that enables patients to exercise within a comfortable range of motion from the comfort of their own home.

If this technology is incorporated into mainstream telemedicine, it could revolutionize the entire industry for the betterment of orthopedic recovery patients.