Happy Cabbage Analytics Acquires ZolTrain

Happy Cabbage Analytics, the cannabis industry’s first retail optimization platform, has announced its acquisition of ZolTrain, a brand activation platform designed for cannabis brands and retailers to deliver engaging employee and consumer education. The combination of their capabilities will help cannabis operators grow revenue, educate staff, recommend products, and optimize their businesses.

“We’re excited to bring Zoltrain’s expertise in workforce training into the Happy Cabbage family,” said CEO Andrew Watson. “With ZolTrain’s engagement and education tools, we can empower operators to engage staff members and customers with compelling content, targeted by their own data.”

“Excessive discounting and employee efficiency are two of the biggest blockers to operator profitability today. At their root, these are problems of information and education,” added ZolTrain Co-Founder Danny Gold.“Cannabis operators need technology that uplifts both the brand and retail sides of the equation and our combined capabilities can deliver on this promise.”

Andrew Watson will lead as CEO, with Danny Gold assuming the COO position and Eric Cobb continuing as CTO of the combined company.

About Happy Cabbage Analytics

Happy Cabbage Analytics is a retail optimization platform for cannabis dispensaries and delivery businesses. Through data-driven tooling, Happy Cabbage helps operators drive sales and save cash on inventory, marketing, and store operations.

About ZolTrain

ZolTrain creates repeat customers for the cannabis industry by training retail workers and consumers on cannabis essentials and product differentiators. ZolTrain injects educational content at key influence points through a unique mobile experience.