Veritas Global Protection: Quality Staff For Quality Customer Experience

Veritas Global Protection is pleased to announce its 4.8 overall rating on Indeed, a popular job board for professionals searching for their next home. Veritas is especially proud of its ratings in the categories of work-life balance, management, and culture.

In a time where flexibility, leadership support, and organizational culture are top retention drivers, Veritas Global Protection is exceeding employees’ expectations. The reviews speak for themselves, highlighting how Veritas sets employees up for success from day one. After all, when employees are happy, they serve customers better and make strides toward improving the customer service environment.

Employee Reviews

Here is a snapshot of what employees say it is like to work for a leader in the vehicle protection plan industry.

  • Management is always available to help with any problem I come across. I am confident in their ability to assist me and consider that to be a godsend.
  • The work-life balance, which is very important to me, is fantastic. You can go to work, do your job, and go home with a fair paycheck.
  • You feel you are appreciated at Veritas. You get clear direction about the company’s goals and your individual targets. Management gives you the support you need to accomplish them. That is something a high salary and a bunch of perks cannot make up for. It is nice to know I will not waste time spinning my wheels.
  • Management inspires me to grow as an employee. I see their example and hear their words of encouragement each time I come to work. It gives me a reason to keep trying and reach new heights.
  • Your managers at Veritas do not play favorites. If they notice you have what it takes to advance, they will encourage you with every step. It is so refreshing to not have to worry about the typical office politics, which can sour you on a job real quick. Yes, you have to put in the effort, but you can be sure someone is going to recognize that hard work.
  • The leaders really care about your well-being. This support has been invaluable to me as I juggle a career and responsibilities at home. I love going to work every day because I know my managers have got my back. They recognize you cannot do the job well if you are not getting the resources you need.

Opportunities at Veritas

Veritas Global Protection offers job seekers opportunities to serve a global customer base. The possibilities for growth-oriented individuals are there, from claims and customer service to corporate positions. Founded in 2011, Veritas Global Protection now produces over $1 million in annual revenue. The company has also expanded into Canada, South America, and Central America.

About Veritas Global Protection

Veritas Global Protection offers protection plans for vehicles, RVs, and recreational devices like ATVs. Through the company’s global partnerships, it serves customers in North America, Latin America, and European markets. Veritas is committed to innovation, service, and reaching underserved areas. The company’s goal is to deliver peace of mind worldwide.