New Analysis Reveals the States Where Property Investment is Proving Most Popular

A new analysis of Google search data names Wisconsin as the state where property investment is proving most popular.

The study conducted by Malibu real estate analyzed Google search data, comparing the monthly traffic of popular real estate investment-related terms across all 50 states. The search volume was then adjusted according to the population to determine the search volume per 100,000 residents to reveal the state most interested in property investment.

Wisconsin is at the top of the list for real estate investment-related searches. In this study, The Badger State has the highest calculated search volume in the nation, per 100,000 citizens, of 459.4 on average. Many will hope that the interest in real estate will be positive, with Forward Analytics, a Wisconsin-based research organization, reporting that within this decade, “Wisconsin will need to build nearly 140,000 housing units to accommodate its population under the age of 65.“

Georgia comes in second as the state where real estate investment is proving most popular. The Peach State shows a strong interest in property investment, with an average Google search volume of 428 per 100,000 residents, the second highest in the nation. Among the top ten ranked states in this analysis, Georgia has the highest Google searches per 100,000 citizens for “How to invest in real estate.”

Ohio claims the third spot in the rankings for the states most interested in real estate investment. The Buckeye State contributes an average of 424.2 monthly Google searches per 100,000 citizens toward real estate investing-related search terms. The most popular search term in Ohio is “Foreclosed homes for sale,” with around 60% of the average monthly Google searches analyzed in this state dedicated to this term. This could signify an increased interest in “house flipping,” which is the practice of buying short-term investment properties cheaply, refurbishing them, and selling them at a profit.

Illinois is ranked fourth in the nation for property investment interest. The home state of Walgreens has garnered a strong Google search volume, with 417.6 searches per 100,000 residents dedicated to real estate investing terms. Of the top ten states, Illinois has the highest Google searches per 100,000 citizens for “rental property investment.” This data indicates that the citizens of Illinois hold a keen interest in the real estate investing market.

Michigan rounds out the top five for interest in property investment. The Great Lakes State has a Google search volume of 417.5 per 100,000 citizens dedicated to real estate investment terms on average each month. Among the terms analyzed, Michigan’s most searched-for term on Google was “foreclosed homes for sale,” foreclosed homes are typically priced lower than market value, making them a more affordable investment and more attractive to first-time investors.

Following the top five is Indiana in sixth, with 413.9 property investment-related Google searches per 100,000 citizens, and Minnesota in seventh, with 403.3 Google searches dedicated to property investment-related terms per 100,000 citizens. North Carolina comes in eighth, with 389.8 average monthly Google searches per 100,000 residents.

Pennsylvania and California rank ninth and tenth, respectively. Both states demonstrate a significant interest in property investment, with search volumes per 100,000 population ranging from 378 in Pennsylvania to 376.4 in California. Of all the states ranked in the top ten, Pennsylvania has the highest search volume for “real estate for sale” and “Real estate education.” In contrast, California has the highest search volume for “how to invest in property.”

Despite larger populations in some of these states, the level of interest in real estate remains steady, showing that property investment is a topic of high relevance across the country.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from Malibu real estate said:

“The diversity of property investment interest across different U.S. states is remarkable. Our analysis shows that Wisconsin leads in overall search volume per 100,000 residents, highlighting a robust curiosity and active engagement among its citizens in property investment. This interesting analysis provides valuable insights into the American public’s evolving perspective on real estate investment and perhaps their place within it.”

“Despite significant variations in population size, property investment remains a consistently popular topic across the country, as reflected in the steady search volumes for real estate-related terms.”

States where property investment is proving most popular:


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Google Keyword Planner data was taken for a range of real-estate investment-based search terms for each U.S. state. The average monthly search volume of each search term within that State was aggregated to return the ‘Total average monthly search volume’ – this was then divided by the State’s population / 100,000 to produce the Searches per 100,000 citizens – this was then ranked. Population data was taken from the latest available Census data.

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