RIFF Cannabis Brand Launches New THC Beverages for Summer

TORONTO, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Premium cannabis lifestyle brand RIFF, from Tilray Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY), a leading global cannabis and consumer packaged goods company, today debuts its new ready-to-drink, sparkling THC beverages with two fruit-forward flavours: Blue Raspberry Ice and Wild Raspberry Lemonade.

The new RIFF canned cannabis beverages hit all the right fruity notes, delivering a delicious blend of natural flavours and sweetness levels, without any lingering cannabis taste. Combined with fast-acting nano-emulsified THC, consumers can enjoy a quick onset of effects, ensuring an elevated refreshment, along with consistent, evenly blended active ingredients and an unparalleled experience that pairs perfectly with any occasion, whether solo or social.

Blair MacNeil, President, Canada: “Tilray has produced beverages in the past, but we’re excited to offer cannabis-infused beverages for the first time ever from RIFF. As the brand continues to evolve, entering the beverage category allows RIFF to broaden its current offerings across Canada, including its new lineup of craft flower and infused pre-rolls.”

RIFF Blue Raspberry Ice is a refreshing take on the classic, electric blue, summertime favourite frozen treat, bringing subtle waves of nostalgia and refreshment with each sip, accompanied by a blast of bold berries and fruity goodness. Sold individually with 10mg of THC per 355mL can in Alberta and Ontario.

RIFF Wild Raspberry Lemonade is a bubbly sweet-tart blend of raspberries, wild berries, and lemon – an ultimate refreshing drink. Sold individually with 10mg of THC per 355mL can in Alberta and Ontario.

Along with the distinct tasting notes, these new cannabis-infused Blue Raspberry Ice and Wild Raspberry Lemonade sparkling beverages feature a slim, sleek, and portable design, allowing consumers to conveniently enjoy their cannabis-infused refreshment on the go, without the need for combustion.

RIFF’s premium cannabis beverages are now exclusively available in select regions and retailers across Alberta and Ontario as well as through the Tilray Medical Canada platform in Canada, with national distribution expected later this year. Hit refresh with RIFF’s first sparkling beverage and stay tuned for more exciting product releases and formats from RIFF later this year by visiting www.whatisriff.caPlease Drink Responsibly.

About RIFF

RIFF was borne out of the love for a good joint effort. Committed to providing quality cannabis products and encouraging creativity, RIFF has been widely recognized in the Canadian landscape as a brand that has always supported creative explorers and connoisseurs, serving as a leader in curating and contributing to local events and artist showcases that reflect the RIFF lifestyle. To us, creativity comes from pushing boundaries, exploring ideas, and fresh perspectives among a collection of collaborative endeavors. RIFF celebrates the joy of connection and encourages its community to create something meaningful, for infinite reinvention.

To learn more about RIFF and where to purchase the new product drops, visit whatisriff.ca and join the RIFF community to stay in the loop @whatisriff.

About Tilray Brands

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