Data Reveals Marylanders Spend More On Gambling Than They Do On Gas

  • Per capita Maryland is the biggest gambling state nationwide
  • The average Marylander gambles 36% more money than they spend on gasoline
  • Maryland is one of six states that spend more money on gambling than gas

A new study by Casino Arabi has revealed the states whose residents gamble the most on sports betting and lotteries.

The research analyzed data regarding monthly lottery sales, and the total money wagered monthly on sports betting in each state to establish America’s biggest gambling state, outside of casinos.

A monthly spend on sports betting of $345 million, combined with a spend on lotteries of $487.8 million, makes for a total gambling spend in the state of $832.8 million. Per capita, this is the highest spend in the country, coming in at $135.10 per person, per month.

With the average spend on gasoline in Maryland sitting at just $99.33 per month, it’s staggering to see that Marylanders on average spend 36% more on gambling than on the relative necessity of gas.

New York is the state to outspend its gas costs on gambling by the furthest margin nationwide. The average New Yorker spends just $62.83 on gas per month, while the average spend on gambling comes in at $118.20 per month. This means residents of the Empire State gamble on average 88% more money than they spend on gas.

Slightly south, New Jersey is the second state gambling more than it spends on gas. The average monthly gas expenditure in the state of $90, is exceeded by the average monthly gambling spend of $120.20. New Jerseyites therefore spend an average of 39% more on gambling than on gas.

States of Rhode Island and Maryland also spend more on gambling than on gas. Rhode Island’s average monthly per capita spend on gambling comes in at $108, that is 36.7% more than its monthly expenditure on gas. Meanwhile, Marylanders spend the most on gambling, per capita, nationwide. The monthly spend of $135.19 on gambling is 36% higher than the average $99.33 spent on gas.

Residents of Massachusetts have an average expenditure on gambling that outweighs average gas spending by 21%. The average per capita monthly gambling figure is $104.70 while gasoline costs come in at an average of $86.58. Illinois is the final state to outdo its gas costs with its spending on gambling, with the average resident gambling just 3.4% more than they spend on gas.

The study was conducted by Casino Arabi, experts in providing a guide to the best online casinos.