The Most Instagrammable Florida Cities Revealed

-Orlando is the most Instagrammable destination in Florida, with 5,423,004 hashtags 

-Miami takes second place, with 2,469,850 Instagram hashtags 

-In third is Naples, 2,436,656 hashtags across Instagram 

New research from reveals the most Instagrammable cities in Florida, with Orlando coming out on top.

The study by vacation rental marketplace analyzes the number of Instagram hashtags for 400 of Florida’s municipalities.

Combined hashtags for [place]FL and [place]Florida were used for each Florida destination to determine and rank the most Instagrammable destinations in Florida.

The top 20 rankings are as follows: 

Orlando takes the crown as the most Instagrammable destination across Florida, with an average total of 5,423,004 hashtags.

Orlando is home to some iconic, and Instagram-worthy attractions, including Mills 50, adjacent to downtown Orlando, which has the most murals of any neighborhood across the city.

Orlando also has some of the world’s most famous theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and some beautiful beaches including Daytona and Clearwater beach.

In second place, is Miami, with an average total of 2,469,850 Instagram hashtags.

Miami is famous for its stunning beaches, including South Beach, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne- which showcase soft white sand, crystal-clear waters, and iconic palm trees- perfect for picture settings.

Ranking in third is Naples, resulting in an average 2,436,656 hashtags across Instagram.

Naples, Florida, offers a combination of natural beauty, luxury experiences, cultural attractions, making outdoor adventures an extremely visually appealing destination for Instagrammers.

Tampa takes fourth spot in the rankings, scoring an average 2,108,975 hashtags across Instagram.

Situated on the west coast of Florida, Tampa has breathtaking waterfront views- perfect for photos. Destinations such as the Tampa Riverwalk and Bayshore Boulevard offer picturesque views of Tampa Bay, particularly during sunrise and sunset.

Scraping the top five is Jacksonville, with an average total 1,180,139 Instagram hashtags. Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach are amongst the most beautiful of the sunshine state, the picturesque dunes, and oceanfront scenes provide plenty of opportunities for stunning beach photos.

Rounding out the top ten is, Destin, Jupiter, Hollywood, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota 

The data reveals the least Instagrammable destination is Belleairshore town, with just 4 hashtags.

A spokesperson for has commented on the study findings:

“With the Florida’s vast coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the state boasts some of the most beautiful, scenic beaches of the United States. 

“Also, Florida’s tropical and subtropical climate means people can enjoy warm and pleasant weather throughout majority of the year- and of course sunny weather is great for Instagram photos. 

“A lot of Florida’s cuisine is influenced by Latin, Caribbean, and Southern flavors, offering a variety of visually appealing dishes and culinary experiences to share online. 

“Not to mention the arts and cultural scene, with museums, galleries, and theatres that offer plenty of opportunities for creative photos. 

“Florida is generally a visually appealing and photogenic state, making its destinations the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos and other social media posts 

“Whether it’s due to its stunning natural scenery, vibrant beaches, beautiful architecture, or qwerky food and drink hubs, Florida’s strong aesthetic appeal makes it one of the best spots for capturing that Insta-worthy snap.”