Clinical Mental Health Center, The Remedy, Expands Services and Offers Innovative Treatments for Mental Health

Vadnais Heights, Minnesota ( Thursday Nov 23, 2023 @ 9:00 AM Australia/Perth —

The Remedy, a leading mental health clinic specializing in personalized care, has relocated to a new facility in Vadnais Heights, while also introducing a ketamine infusion therapy center in Burnsville, Minnesota. With a strong focus on compassionate and effective treatment, The Remedy offers a wide range of services including TMS therapy, ketamine infusion therapy, Spravato, and medication-assisted psychotherapy. They are also well-known for their expertise in treating treatment-resistant depression.

Under the guidance of founder Danielle Golden, The Remedy is committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment for every patient. “At The Remedy, we are dedicated to helping individuals overcome mental health challenges and achieve long-lasting wellness,” explains Danielle Golden. “Our goal is to forge a personal connection with each patient and provide individualized treatments tailored to their specific needs.”

Recognizing the convenience and accessibility of modern technology, The Remedy offers telemental health services, allowing patients to receive mental health treatment through video conferencing and other advanced technologies. This facilitates continuous care and helps patients maintain a personal relationship with their trusted psychiatrist or therapist.

The integration of ketamine infusion therapy and dTMS treatments sets The Remedy apart from other clinics. By combining the benefits of these innovative treatments, the clinic has been successful in helping patients battling depression, trauma, and anxiety achieve real results. Even if a treatment is not yet FDA-approved, The Remedy is committed to exploring new therapies to offer their patients the best chance of recovery.

With a team of compassionate professionals who have personally experienced the impact of mental health difficulties, The Remedy understands the challenges faced by patients and their families. Their commitment to creating a specialized environment enables patients to regain control of their lives and flourish.

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