Woodside Credit Hit $500M in 2023, Topping $3B in Classic Car Loans

In an unprecedented display of growth and commitment to the classic and collector car markets, Woodside Credit proudly announced a record-breaking achievement that happened in 2023. The distinguished financing company has reached a new pinnacle in its lending endeavors, with a staggering $500 million provided in loans throughout the year. This milestone underscores the company’s leading position in the industry. It marks a significant moment as Woodside Credit surpasses the cumulative $3 billion threshold in lending for classic and collector car loans.

Unprecedented Growth in Classic and Collector Car Financing

2023 was a landmark year for Woodside Credit, reflecting the company’s unwavering dedication to providing superior auto financing solutions. By strategically focusing on the needs and aspirations of classic and collector car enthusiasts, Woodside Credit has managed to lend an impressive $500 million throughout 2023. This achievement is a testament to the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service and an innovative lending approach.

Surpassing $3 Billion in Cumulative Lending

The surpassing of $3 billion in cumulative lending for classic and collector car loans is a monumental accomplishment for Woodside Credit. This achievement showcases the company’s extensive history and expertise in the market and solidifies its role as a key player in financing luxury vehicles and collector cars. Woodside Credit’s journey to this remarkable milestone reflects its deep-rooted passion for the automotive industry and its dedication to enabling dreams for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Woodside Credit’s Unique Selling Propositions

Woodside Credit distinguishes itself in the market with several unique selling propositions that cater specifically to the needs of classic and exotic car financing:

  • Extended Loan Terms: Offering terms as long as 180 months, Woodside Credit provides borrowers with the flexibility to manage their cash flow while enjoying their dream cars.
  • Lowest Payments: Positioned as offering the lowest payments in America, the company ensures that owning a classic or exotic car doesn’t derail other financial goals.
  • High Loan Values: With the availability of loans up to $1 million, Woodside Credit caters to a wide range of financing needs, from the classic car enthusiast to the high-end collector.
  • Flexible Repayment: The benefits of no prepayment penalties and the absence of balloon payments underscore Woodside Credit’s commitment to customer-friendly financing options.

Leading the Way in Classic and Exotic Car Financing

Woodside Credit’s record achievements in 2023 highlight its expertise and reliability in classic car financing and exotic car financing. The company’s success story provides valuable insights and affirms its role as a trusted partner in collector car loans, auto financing solutions, luxury vehicle lending, and competitive car loan rates.


Woodside Credit’s monumental achievements in 2023, reaching $500 million in lending and surpassing a cumulative $3 billion in classic and collector car loans, mark a significant milestone in the auto financing industry. These accomplishments highlight Woodside Credit’s commitment to supporting collector car investment and enhancing the passion of car enthusiasts and collectors across the country. With its unique selling propositions and customer-focused approach, Woodside Credit continues to drive the industry forward, making the dream of owning a classic or exotic car more accessible than ever.

About Woodside Credit

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