Woodside Credit Hit $500M in 2023, Topping $3B in Classic Car Loans

This press release aims to highlight Woodside Credit’s landmark achievements in 2023, emphasizing its record $500 million in lending for the year and the surpassing of a cumulative $3 billion in classic and collector car loans. It aims to showcase Woodside Credit’s strategic approach and commitment to customer service, which have been instrumental in reaching these milestones. The press release underscores Woodside Credit’s position as a leader in classic and exotic car financing by detailing its unique selling propositions, such as extended loan terms, lowest payments in America, high loan values, and flexible repayment options. Targeted at financial news outlets, car enthusiasts, potential loan applicants, and stakeholders in the auto financing industry, the content integrates primary and secondary keywords to enhance SEO, aiming to reinforce Woodside Credit’s reputation and reliability in the field and to inform and engage its audience about its significant contributions to the collector car investment market.