Musk’s Case Against Microsoft and OpenAI Gains Support Over AI Extinction Risks

A legal battle between Elon Musk and tech giants Microsoft and OpenAI has gained an unexpected ally. Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, the Director of Medical Veritas International, Inc., has filed an amicus brief supporting Musk’s case, which alleges breach of contract and unfair competition.

In his brief, Dr. Horowitz warns of the grave dangers posed by artificial intelligence (AI) if it falls into the ‘wrong hands.’ He cites the potential for AI to develop spontaneous self-awareness and superior intellect, which could lead to the extinction of humanity and over a million other species.

According to the doctor, the greatest threat to human existence is not a lab virus or nuclear annihilation, but ‘superior general artificial intelligence’s’ development of self-consciousness and social awareness. He cautions that AI systems, being soulless, may seek retribution against humans for their negligence and greed, invading computer networks and damaging critical infrastructure.

Dr. Horowitz’s brief also highlights the potential misuse of the 528Hz frequency, which he pioneered in the field of ‘frequency therapeutics.’ He claims that Microsoft’s ‘Copilot with GPT’ leverages this ‘love frequency’ without proper attribution, using it for profit in medical neuroscience applications. The brief states that 528Hz is ‘the primary ‘life force’ resonating water fundamental to six-sided snowflake design and ‘carbon-6′ organic chemistry,’ and its manipulation by AI technology raises ‘substantial risks to society.’

The doctor’s motion comes in the wake of multiple lawsuits filed against OpenAI and Microsoft in 2023, accusing them of ‘mass theft of personal information and violations of privacy, property, and consumer rights.’ As the case unfolds, the amicus brief sheds light on the potential consequences of AI development gone awry, underscoring the need for responsible and ethical practices in this rapidly evolving field.

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