Howard Rotberg: A Voice for Conservative Values and Pro-Israel Perspectives

Howard Rotberg, a retired lawyer and affordable housing developer, has emerged as a distinctive voice in contemporary literature, wielding his pen to expose and challenge prevailing ideologies. With a remarkable career, Rotberg is the author of four thought-provoking books, each offering a unique exploration of ideologies and their impact on the modern world.

As the founder of Mantua Books, Canada’s sole publishing house dedicated to conservative values and pro-Israel perspectives, Rotberg has established a platform that amplifies voices aligned with his convictions. His latest collection of essays not only illuminates diverse perspectives on contemporary Western challenges but also draws from his own ‘Second Generation’ history, providing a personal touch to the analysis.

Rotberg is part of the ‘Second Generation,’ a term used for the children of survivors of the Nazi Holocaust. His father was a Holocaust survivor who lost his parents and 8-year-old sister to the Nazi gas chambers and barely survived as a slave laborer. Rather than focusing on issues of trauma, Rotberg emphasizes how the Holocaust should motivate the children of survivors to take the lead in preventing another Holocaust. The mission of the Second Generation is to recognize the vile antisemitism now sweeping through the world of Islam, Europe, and the universities of the West. Mouthing the words ‘Never Again’ without supporting the right of Jews to live peacefully in their indigenous homeland of Israel is a submission to the very worst among us.

In his prior books, ‘Tolerism: The Ideology Revealed,’ ‘The Second Catastrophe,’ and ‘The Ideological Path to Submission,’ Rotberg was not hesitant to critique the culture wars in the West, including political correctness, wokism, postmodernism, and equity and diversity. These books argue that excessive tolerance of evil is not a moral position and that a Leftist-Islamist coalition, supported by media and the universities, has led to a submission to both cultural Marxism and radical Islamism. His new book shows how a corrupted culture endangers the very foundation of Western civilization.

Howard Rotberg’s literary contributions stand as a testament to his commitment to intellectual discourse, conservative values, and the imperative of confronting ideologies that threaten the fabric of a just society.

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