Innovative 3D-CBS Technology Promises to Halve Cancer Deaths in Italy

An Italo-American scientist, Dario Crosetto, has made a remarkable breakthrough in the fight against cancer. His innovative 3D Complete Body Screening (3D-CBS) technology can detect tumors over the entire body at a very early, curable stage with a 2-minute test that requires minimal radiation and costs just €200.

Crosetto’s calculations and scientific evidence, which have remained unchallenged for two decades, support his request for just 0.1% of the Italian defense budget to construct two 3D-CBS devices. These prototypes could potentially prevent 400 Italian defense employees from premature cancer death each year.

If scaled up further, the 3D-CBS technology holds the promise of saving over 90,000 Italian lives and €10 billion annually in healthcare costs. On a global scale, it could save 5 million lives per year.

The 3D-CBS technology, invented by Crosetto in 2000, has received research grants from the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Defense totaling over $1 million. Crosetto has demonstrated the feasibility of his invention through a peer-reviewed article and functional electronic hardware circuits.

With a team of 16 people and €20 million, Crosetto could assemble the first two 3D-CBS prototypes within 18–24 months, paving the way for gathering experimental evidence to support his claims. The technology’s ability to detect tumors with only 100 cancer cells, compared to CT scans and MRIs that can only detect tumors with over 1 million cancerous cells, makes it a game-changer in early cancer detection.

While dialogues with scientific institutions and the Italian government are ongoing, Crosetto faces challenges in securing funding and overcoming bureaucratic delays. He emphasizes the immense responsibility of blocking the experiment, as it effectively means not saving countless lives from premature cancer death.

Crosetto calls for leading experts in the field to provide details of comparative projects, enabling a transparent decision to fund the construction of two 3D-CBS devices. He urges the media to help raise awareness and create a public discussion around this life-saving invention.

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