La Jolla Jeweler Revives Vintage Ring Designs with Modern Flair

Carl Blackburn, a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), has been designing vintage-inspired jewelry for nearly three decades. His passion for retro and art deco ring designs has only grown stronger in recent years, as more jewelry shoppers seek the timeless elegance of these classic styles.

Blackburn’s custom creations at his La Jolla jewelry store often feature Old World details like intricate filigree, milgraining, and hand-engraving. He frequently incorporates rose gold, a metal that lends a warm, vintage touch to his pieces. For engagement rings, Blackburn sometimes sets them with diamond cuts popular a century ago, such as Old European Cut and Old Mine Cut diamonds, adding a unique historical charm.

When crafting eternity bands for anniversary rings, the jeweler particularly enjoys working with French cut diamonds. First introduced in the 15th century and reinvented in the early 20th century, these diamonds ‘add a unique sophistication and style to the eternity ring,’ according to Blackburn.

To make custom diamond rings more accessible, C. Blackburn Jewelers offers the option of lab-grown diamonds, which can save buyers up to 90% compared to earth-mined diamonds. ‘Physically identical to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds shouldn’t be confused with diamond simulants like cubic zirconia, which don’t have the same qualities of a genuine diamond that’s earth mined or lab grown,’ Blackburn explains.

In addition to diamonds, the custom engagement rings created by Blackburn often feature precious and semi-precious gemstones like sapphires, aquamarine, and morganite – a trend that has gained popularity among couples in the past year.

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