XT.COM Embraces Financial Inclusion with AAST Token Listing

XT.COM, the world’s first socially infused trading platform, has made a significant stride towards fostering financial inclusion by listing the Afriq Arbitrage System Token (AAST) on its platform. The AAST/USDT trading pair is now available in the Innovation zone (DeFi), marking a pivotal moment for the innovative project.

AAST is a BEP-20 token deployed on the BNB Layer-1 blockchain, with a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens. It serves as the native token of the Afriq Arbitrage System, a revolutionary digital currency trading platform that utilizes advanced algorithms and high-frequency trading strategies. By leveraging decentralized finance and artificial intelligence, AAST facilitates automated buying and selling of cryptocurrencies at optimal prices, generating returns for investors engaged in arbitrage trading.

Beyond its financial capabilities, AAST is driven by a mission to promote digital access and literacy among a wide community base. ‘The addition of AAST token to XT.com marks a significant milestone for our platform and underscores our commitment to supporting innovative projects with real-world impact,’ said Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM. ‘We are excited to provide our users with access to AAST and contribute to the growth of this impactful ecosystem.’

The Afriq Arbitrage System Token Project seeks to democratize access to financial resources and opportunities, empowering marginalized groups such as widows, students, and local communities. Through its utility offerings, including transactions, e-learning access, governance participation, and digital payments, AAST enables individuals to engage in the global economy on their terms.

Moreover, AAST is not just a digital asset; it’s a catalyst for social change. By tackling issues such as hunger, financial instability, limited educational opportunities, and digital exclusion, AAST aims to uplift communities and create lasting impact. Through strategic partnerships with local NGOs, tech companies, and financial institutions, AAST leverages collective resources to implement sustainable solutions and drive positive change at scale.

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