Particle Network Unveils Revolutionary Modular Layer-1 for Seamless Web3 Experience

Particle Network, a pioneering force in the Web3 space, has unveiled its revolutionary Modular Layer-1 blockchain, designed to power Chain Abstraction and Universal Accounts. This innovative solution aims to address the ongoing fragmentation across Web3 ecosystems, enabling users to seamlessly interact with multiple blockchains through a unified, streamlined experience.

At the heart of this release is Particle Network’s mission to empower developers and Web3 end-users by simplifying the complexities of asset management and user onboarding/retention. With a successful track record of over 900 integrations of its Wallet Abstraction stack, more than 17 million wallets created across 56 chains, and 10 million+ account abstraction UserOperations processed, Particle Network has demonstrated its commitment to delivering user-friendly blockchain solutions.

Particle Network’s modular Layer-1 solution leverages its existing products to enable Universal Accounts, Universal Liquidity, and a Universal Gas Token. Built using the cutting-edge Cosmos SDK, this L1 introduces several innovative features, such as a dual staking model leveraging EigenLayer’s restaking solutions and Particle Network’s own token. The Particle Network L1 Universal Accounts empower users with one address for all chains, including the BTC and EVM ecosystems, creating a single interaction point.

Furthermore, Particle Network’s Modular L1 introduces a novel system aggregating Data Availability providers, allowing it to retain high decentralization, scalability, and performance. These features not only simplify the experience for end-users but also enable developers to take their dApps to a broader audience, unconstrained by multi-chain fragmentation.

With a robust foundation of more than 17 million users, 4 million daily active users, 2 billion in total value locked, and a vibrant community, Particle Network is well-positioned to make this release a resounding success. The company’s strong track record, evidenced by its extensive partnerships and active user engagement, underscores its commitment to leading the evolution toward a more integrated and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem.

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