XT.COM and Cobak Join Forces to Build a New Crypto Ecosystem

XT.COM, a prominent global crypto asset exchange with 9 million monthly active members, and Cobak, the leading blockchain social community with 500,000 Korean crypto users, have officially announced a partnership on March 15th. The collaboration aims to create a new crypto ecosystem and stimulate the blockchain market.

Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM, stated, ‘Through this agreement with Cobak, we will focus on restoring trust in the crypto market by pursuing fairness and transparency in discovering new projects.’ Kim Kyungik, CEO of Cobak, added, ‘This partnership with XT.COM will serve as an opportunity for both parties to create shared visions and values in business, and will enable Cobak to lead the crypto industry by discovering promising new blockchain projects.’

Through this partnership, Cobak plans to expand its business areas by focusing on discovering potential Korean and international blockchain projects to introduce to a diverse range of crypto users. XT.COM, on the other hand, aims to provide full support for the growth of these promising Korea and international blockchain projects.

Established in 2018, XT.COM is a global crypto asset exchange headquartered in Dubai, with operational centers in Singapore, Europe, and other regions. It offers various crypto asset services such as spot, futures, and mining to users worldwide. With over 7 million registered users and support for trading of around 800 projects, XT.COM ranks around the top 20 global crypto exchanges according to CoinMarketCap.

The partnership between Cobak, the leading crypto social trading community in Korea, and XT.COM, is expected to garner considerable interest from crypto investment companies and investors as it introduces a new partnership model not previously attempted by traditional crypto companies.

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