AINN Layer2 Secures Funding to Drive Decentralized AI on Bitcoin

AINN Layer2, the first decentralized Bitcoin Layer2 network project supporting large-scale AI applications, has announced securing strategic investments from multiple renowned institutions and individuals in the BTC ecosystem. Waterdrip Capital, Satoshi Lab, Foundinals Lab, Monday Capital, AlNN Labs, Bitrise Capital, Genblock Capital, trading platforms AscendEx and Bitmart’s fund – Cipholio Ventures, as well as prominent KOLs and partners from leading institutions in the BTC ecosystem, participated in this investment round.

The AINN Layer2 project has garnered strong support from the AINN community and market. As an ecosystem project of the leading AI inscription AINN, which has been listed on mainstream exchanges and supported by the Binance web3 wallet, AINN Layer2 will fully integrate and empower all AINN ecosystem projects, driving the overall development of the ecosystem. The AINN community has expanded across five continents, aiming to promote the deep integration of web3 and AI.

In terms of technological breakthroughs and innovations, AINN Layer2 is a Bitcoin Layer2 network featuring high performance, cross-chain support for all assets, and a modular AI subnet. It has established multiple AI subnets on top of the EVM, laying a solid foundation for bridging AI models, data, and algorithms.

The AINN Layer2 team comprises members from Ivy League blockchain organizations, as well as seasoned technical experts and entrepreneurs in the AI and web3 fields. They have years of entrepreneurial experience and industry backgrounds, dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of decentralized artificial intelligence.

Currently, more than 100 ecosystem applications and developers have joined AINN Layer2. The team has launched the testnet, supporting seamless integration of tBTC, AINN, SATS, and other BRC20 assets into the AINN Layer2 network. The mainnet is expected to go live on March 31st, Easter Sunday, when staking activities for BTC, BRC20 assets, and other types of assets will be initiated, and more innovative features will be unveiled. Notably, the AINN Layer2 token airdrop event is ongoing and has already attracted over 100,000 participants.

AINN Layer2 will continue to roll out the ‘Inscription Easter’ event, allowing various inscriptions to stake on AINN Layer2 and receive airdrop rewards. After the mainnet launch, the ‘AI Odyssey’ event will be introduced, allowing users to interact with a series of web3+AI products. AINN Layer2 will also participate in major events like the Hong Kong Web3.0 Spring Summit, BTC L2 Summit, and Dubai Token2049.

AINN Layer2 aims to continuously build the infrastructure for decentralized AI and support the development of decentralized AI applications. In the future, thousands of AI applications will be deployed on AINN Layer2, and billions of users will utilize AI products on AINN Layer2, jointly creating the ecosystem blueprint for web3+AI.

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