Innovative Lending Solution Empowers Families to Build Savings

For millions of American families living paycheck-to-paycheck with no savings cushion, an unexpected expense can quickly spiral into financial disaster. aims to help these households get on more stable financial footing with an innovative lending solution that combines a cash loan with a built-in savings component.

‘Our savings and installment loan was designed with struggling families in mind,’ says Markishia Robateau, a lending services representative at the Illinois-based fintech company. ‘It’s a real game-changer that helps people build savings and get to a better financial situation.’

With’s loan product, customers receive cash to cover immediate needs, while a portion is deposited into a secure savings account. As borrowers make regular installment payments, their savings accrue interest. Once the loan is fully repaid, customers gain access to their accumulated savings.

‘When the loan is paid off, our customers find themselves with savings that provide greater financial stability,’ Robateau explains. ‘They’re more prepared to handle unexpected expenses and plan for the future.’

An added benefit is that the installment loan helps customers build credit history, further strengthening their financial standing. ‘Our loan gives customers the chance to build a positive credit history as they make regular payments,’ says Robateau. ‘That’s another great benefit that helps them get to a better place.’

What sets apart is its empathetic approach. ‘I can identify with so many of our customers because I’ve been in that situation myself,’ Robateau states. Her goal is ensuring borrowers fully understand the process and can afford the payments without overextending themselves. ‘We believe in looking out for the well-being of our customers. We care about them and want to help them move toward financial stability.’

With its innovative savings and installment loan, is pioneering a lending model that could help put millions of families on a path to greater financial resilience.

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