Next Generation Services Compliance Manager Earns Anti-Money Laundering Certification

Bill Wittler, the compliance manager at Next Generation Services, has achieved a significant milestone by earning his certification as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) from ACAMS, the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists. The CAMS certification is internationally recognized, and participants must possess a strong foundation in anti-money laundering (AML) related issues to pass the rigorous examination.

Wittler, who joined Next Generation in 2013, is also a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) and a Self-Directed Industry Professional (SDIP). His latest achievement underscores Next Generation’s commitment to ensuring a robust compliance program and safeguarding clients’ assets. ‘Since becoming a compliance manager at Next Generation, I’ve wanted to learn more about the AML/BSA side of the business. With the resources I have now through this certification, I can make sure that our compliance program at Next Generation is as strong as it can be,’ Wittler stated.

ACAMS, established the CAMS designation for professionals who handle AML matters at financial institutions. According to the organization’s website, it is the largest international membership organization dedicated to fighting financial crime, and its CAMS certification is recognized worldwide as the gold standard in AML certifications by institutions, governments, and regulators. The ACAMS provides training, certifications, conferences, and information about money laundering.

Money laundering comprises tactics to disguise financial assets in such a way that they can be used for illegal activity without being detected. Monetary proceeds from criminal activity (‘dirty’ funds) are transformed into ‘clean’ funds that appear to have a legal source. The United Nations has estimated that annual money laundering flows total almost 5% of the global GDP, or $800 billion, with roughly $300 billion of that laundered each year in the U.S.

‘Bill’s CAMS certification gives Next Generation greater resources to protect our clients and the assets over which we have custody,’ said Jaime Raskulinecz, founder and CEO of the firm, which also provides full account administration services for self-directed retirement plans. ‘As a strong promoter of professional development, I’m proud of Bill’s motivation to seek additional education that enhances his responsibilities in monitoring and vetting transaction compliance.’

Next Generation vets all transactions before executing investment instructions on behalf of their clients, who make all their own investment decisions based on assets they already know and understand. Self-directed IRAs (as well as HSAs and ESAs) enable investors to diversify their retirement portfolios by including a broad array of alternative assets within their plans such as real estate, precious metals, private equity funding, royalties, and many more. For more information about self-direction as a retirement wealth-building strategy, visit

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