Prism: Unlocking Shareholder Equity Through Innovative Lending

Ari Stiegler, a prominent entrepreneur, has thrown his weight behind Prism, a revolutionary financial mechanism that promises to transform the way businesses and their employees manage liquidity events. Prism’s innovative approach allows shareholders to access up to $100 million in cash while retaining their pre-IPO shares, a win-win scenario for companies and their stakeholders.

At the heart of Prism’s financial services lies a unique value proposition: the ability to provide substantial loans, offering individuals up to $100 million in liquidity. This creates unprecedented liquidity options for founders, employees, and investors, unlocking an estimated $2 trillion in equity value held by shareholders in private U.S. tech companies. Unlike traditional private lenders, Prism ensures no equity fees or personal guarantees, and allows shareholders flexible repayment schedules.

As companies increasingly choose to stay private longer, Prism emerges as a strategic solution for managing liquidity events for shareholders. Stiegler notes that providing employee liquidity enhances recruiting efforts, improves employee satisfaction, and heightens retention rates. Prism offers an alternative solution to the need to sell shares outright—a strategy that provides immediate liquidity without impacting the future appreciation of shares.

One of Prism’s standout features is its qualification process, which reviews equity rather than relying on personal credit scores. This approach grants significant borrowing capabilities without personal guarantees, positioning Prism above other private lenders and presenting a more advantageous financial product for those looking to leverage their vested shares in their company’s equity without incurring additional costs or losing share control.

‘Prism stands out as a uniquely beneficial service that aligns the interests of employers and employees by focusing on the value of equity rather than personal creditworthiness. The absence of equity fees and personal recourse further solidifies its position as a market leader,’ Stiegler remarked.

Prism provides companies and employees with a mutually beneficial outcome: immediate access to liquidity without compromising ownership or control, no changes to the cap table, and a streamlined procedure that eliminates the intricacies associated with conventional lending arrangements. As Stiegler aptly stated, ‘With the vast wealth tied up in shareholder equity within private U.S. tech companies, Prism offers a pathway to unlock these funds responsibly while safeguarding long-term interests.’

To learn more about how Prism can help your company and its shareholders, visit to explore its advantages over traditional lending solutions.

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