Alikson Group Expands Into Contactless Apartment Rentals with $10 Million Acquisition

Alikson Group, the global conglomerate with a diverse portfolio spanning retail, technology, logistics, and real estate, has made a significant move by acquiring Apart Sharing, a prominent Russian contactless apartment rental company, for a whopping $10 million. This acquisition marks Alikson Group’s entry into the contactless apartment rental market and aligns with its strategy of building an integrated ecosystem of services.

Apart Sharing, launched in 2020, has established itself as a leading player in the contactless housing rental industry across Russia and the CIS region. With operations spanning 290 cities and over 7,000 residential properties, the company’s app has garnered a user base of more than 150,000 individuals seeking convenient and hassle-free accommodation solutions.

Gasan Mustafaev, CEO and founder of Alikson Group, commented on the acquisition, stating, ‘Apart Sharing is an interesting and in-demand technological company. Following the exit of prominent rental aggregator services from Russia, the significance of our product surged significantly. In the coming months, we aim to solidify our presence in key Russian cities before expanding the service throughout the CIS and the Middle East.’

Alikson Group’s CEO further elaborated on the company’s overarching goal of integrating multiple business ventures into a single ecosystem, enabling users to access a wide range of products and services seamlessly through a unified interface. ‘Today, Alikson’s key motive is to integrate multiple business ventures into a single ecosystem. Due to this integration, users will be able to purchase goods, rent houses and cars, and utilize IT products and other services in one interface,’ he explained.

With a staggering revenue of $865 million in 2023 and an average yearly revenue growth rate of 300%, Alikson Group has emerged as the most rapidly growing private company in the CIS region. This remarkable growth can be attributed to its effective acquisitions and expansion across the Middle East and Europe.

The Alikson Group, founded in 2020, operates in eight major business areas, including electronics stores and marketplaces, wholesale B2B distribution, financial and investment products, premium auto rentals, contactless apartment rentals, and logistics. Additionally, the group has established a charitable foundation and a business academy, further solidifying its commitment to corporate social responsibility and talent development.

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