Genie AI CEO Imgesu Cetin Featured on Blockchangers Podcast by Alpha Transform

In a recent episode of the Blockchangers podcast, Imgesu Cetin, CEO and Founder of Genie AI, discussed the company’s groundbreaking approach to data analytics. Genie AI, an NVIDIA Inception Program company, utilizes a gen-ai-sql technology to automate the writing of complex queries, enabling users to gain insights from their data in seconds.

The podcast, hosted by Enzo Villani, CEO of Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH), delved into Genie AI’s unique product offerings, including a Slack bot, cloud-based solution, and self-hosted option. Cetin explained how these offerings cater to clients’ diverse needs, ranging from data discovery and investment strategy to business intelligence.

Genie AI’s technology addresses a significant challenge in the data analytics industry, where complex SQL queries often hinder efficient data exploration and analysis. By automating this process, Genie AI empowers business users to leverage their data without the need for specialized technical expertise.

During the interview, Cetin highlighted the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the way teams approach data analytics. ‘Genie is an AI data analyst that never sleeps,’ he stated. ‘We provide custom integrations for our clients, offering air-gapped solutions that allow them to retain full control of their data.’

Alpha Transform Holdings, the host organization, is a digital asset organization dedicated to accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain technology. As an investor in Genie AI, Alpha Transform recognizes the potential of the company’s innovative approach to data analytics in driving value for businesses across various industries.

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