Bad Idea AI Achieves Significant Milestone with Listing

Bad Idea AI, the audacious project at the forefront of the AI and crypto intersection, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a listing on, a prominent global crypto exchange. Starting from 09:00 AM UTC on March 27, 2024, traders and crypto enthusiasts will have the opportunity to engage with BAD/USDT trading pairs on, marking a pivotal moment for the project’s expansion and accessibility within the digital asset space.

Known for its experimental approach to integrating artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), Bad Idea AI has captured the attention and imagination of the digital community worldwide. The project’s listing on represents not just a significant milestone but also a testament to its burgeoning influence and adoption across the crypto landscape.

In recent months, Bad Idea AI has witnessed exponential growth in user adoption, particularly through its advanced AI chatbot system. Now installed in over 229 Telegram groups, this system serves a population of 125,554 individuals, demonstrating the project’s utility and appeal. A notable highlight is the bespoke chatbot version for the Shiba Inu community, now present in 41 groups with an impressive reach of 110,250 members, showcasing Bad Idea AI’s commitment to tailored, community-specific solutions.

Reflecting on this landmark achievement, Mr. Lightspeed, the project’s enigmatic listing manager, shared his enthusiasm: ‘Our listing on is a big step for Bad Idea AI, catapulting us into new realms of possibility and market participation. This collaboration not only enhances our project’s visibility but also reinforces our mission to explore the potential between AI, blockchain, and DAOs with our entertaining and often witty chatbot we have come to name S.A.R.A.H.’

At the vanguard of the AI and crypto intersection, Bad Idea AI ($BAD) is an audacious project exploring the integration of artificial intelligence, supporting projects on the blockchain, and decentralized governance. With a focus on ethical considerations and leveraging AI’s computational prowess, Bad Idea AI pioneers a tokenized ecosystem where AI and human intelligence coalesce to drive innovation and shared governance. Through its recent achievements, strategic partnerships, and now its listing on, Bad Idea AI continues to push the boundaries of technology, governance, and community engagement in the digital age.

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