Brand Engagement Network Challenges Big Tech’s AI Dominance

The generative AI revolution has been largely controlled by Big Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. While startups and established companies hoped to leverage AI’s potential, many have found themselves reliant on these tech behemoths for computing infrastructure, consumer market reach, and even licensing pre-trained AI models.

Brand Engagement Network (NASDAQ: BNAI), however, is challenging this status quo. As a pure-play AI company, BEN is committed to developing business-safe AI solutions that prioritize data security, compliance, and personalized customer experiences.

BEN’s AI assistants are designed as ‘walled gardens’ for each business, learning and training exclusively on the data and parameters specified by the client. This approach mitigates risks associated with AI systems ‘losing their minds,’ infringing copyrights, or hallucinating. Michael Zacharski, BEN’s CEO, states, ‘We are committed to AI that delivers to our customers personalized consumer engagement, superior CX, productivity and performance through helpful, friendly AI assistants.’

Unlike many AI companies that simply rebrand or ‘wrap’ models developed by Big Tech firms, BEN has spent years acquiring patents to enhance its AI’s capabilities in areas like sound and image processing, sensor data, and perception and understanding. Its AI/3D avatar prototype, released in 2020, showcased BEN’s ability to blend cutting-edge technology with immersive user experiences.

With the successful completion of its business combination with DHC Acquisition Corp., BEN has now commenced trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the ticker symbol BNAI. As Zacharski notes, ‘We are looking forward to the future and believe BEN is well-positioned to capitalize on significant growth opportunities and generate substantial value for all stakeholders.’

For businesses seeking tailored AI solutions that prioritize data security and personalized customer experiences, Brand Engagement Network offers a compelling alternative to the AI dominance of Big Tech firms.

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