Classiq Integrates with NVIDIA CUDA-Q for Quantum Computing

Classiq, a leader in quantum computing software, is integrating its software with NVIDIA’s CUDA-Q platform, facilitating a streamlined process for researchers working with CUDA-Q to generate, analyze, and execute quantum circuits. This integration supports a wide range of quantum applications, including simulations and machine learning.

Classiq’s true compilation technology enables quantum circuit synthesis that automates the implementation of quantum programs. This capability ensures that the generated programs are optimized for execution on various quantum hardware and NVIDIA GPUs. Previously, NVIDIA, Rolls Royce, and Classiq demonstrated a breakthrough in quantum computational fluid dynamics (CFD) by designing and simulating the largest quantum program to date.

According to Nir Minerbi, CEO of Classiq, ‘Classiq’s technology lies at the heart of quantum computing and provides a powerful conduit between high-performance computing (HPC) users and quantum computing implementation.’ He added that the integration demonstrates Classiq’s focus on ensuring ‘today’s CUDA-Q and HPC users benefit from seamless access to automatic production of optimized quantum and hybrid quantum-classical algorithms.’

Classiq is leveraging its technology to bridge HPC and quantum computation, accelerating the convergence of these advanced computation sectors. The company provides libraries, functions, and automation to support the hybrid HPC-quantum computation space, making quantum computing tools more accessible to the global research community.

HPC and quantum computing are increasingly connected through the deployment of hybrid algorithms, co-location of hardware, and an emerging talent pool of expert hybrid developers. Classiq aims to tackle complex problems across various domains, such as healthcare, materials science, engineering, and finance. You can meet Classiq at the International Supercomputing 2024 conference in Hamburg, Germany, from May 12-16th.

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