Dtec Token Raises $2M in Seed Round, Prepares for April Pre-Sale

Dtec Token, the native payment token of Dtec Technology’s artificial intelligence ecosystem, has announced a significant milestone in its development. The project has successfully raised $2 million in a seed funding round and is now preparing for a pre-sale event scheduled for April.

Dtec Technology is a pioneering project that aims to revolutionize the driving experience by integrating advanced artificial intelligence software into vehicles. The software, which has been in development for eight years and has received government support, enables drivers to manage their vehicles and connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices using voice commands. Additionally, the AI system has an autonomous learning feature that utilizes driver data and environmental information to make predictions and take useful actions without requiring explicit voice commands.

The Dtec Token serves as a reward mechanism for in-vehicle data sharing, providing utilities such as the ability to purchase AI services within the app and access to free or priority electric charging stations. According to the Dtec CTO, ‘Dtec artificial intelligence vehicle assistant software is a project that has been developed for 8 years and has received government support. Now we are integrating this software with the blockchain world and incentivizing data sharing with dtec token payment. Unlike all other projects, ours is an ecosystem which is completely ready and available for retail sale and use. We are also in talks with some of the world’s leading automotive companies.’

Following the successful seed round, Dtec Token is poised to enter the private sale process in the first week of April. The project is also in discussions with major exchanges like Bitget and Bybit for potential listings in May, marking a significant step towards broader adoption and accessibility.

As the automotive industry continues to embrace technological advancements, projects like Dtec Token are paving the way for a seamless integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things within the driving experience. With its innovative approach and promising funding milestones, Dtec Token is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in this rapidly evolving sector.

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