P2P.org Pioneers Restaking Integration for Institutional Ethereum Staking

P2P.org, a prominent validator for Ethereum and over 35 other blockchains, has announced the launch of its Restaking API service and dApp integration for ETH Restaking via EigenLayer. This pioneering move establishes P2P.org as one of the first in the industry to offer institutional-level, non-custodial restaking services, allowing businesses to seamlessly provide restaking opportunities to their users.

Artemiy Parshakov, Head of Product at P2P.org, expressed pride in the company’s continued support for EigenLayer Restaking, underscoring its dedication to advancing the Ethereum staking ecosystem. ‘Our dApp integration offers institutions a direct pathway to engage in restaking activities, opening up opportunities for potential early adoption rewards within the EigenLayer ecosystem,’ he stated.

The Restaking integrations via the EigenLayer protocol demonstrate P2P.org’s foresight and commitment to staying at the forefront of staking technology. Additional features enable businesses to create Eigenpod addresses and participate in EigenLayer Restaking, simplifying the integration and setup process and setting the stage for a more robust Ethereum ecosystem. Clients who have taken advantage of Restaking with P2P.org have already earned over 87M+ Restaking points through more than $500M in restaked ETH.

This update follows P2P.org’s successful Staking API launch and their non-custodial staking dApp, which supports validator withdrawal address customization, a key component for native restaking to an EigenPod. P2P.org’s involvement in the EigenLabs Restaking Summit in Istanbul, with a keynote by Artemiy Parshakov, further highlights the company’s support and product development for Restaking via the EigenLayer protocol.

‘Our plans extend far beyond being mere infrastructure providers. EigenLayer is a sophisticated marketplace of trust, and we are building this trust with all market participants, assisting LRT in sub-governance, and developing their risk assessment of AVS strategies and protocol development,’ stated Vladislav Kurenkov, EigenLayer Ecosystem Head. ‘Our ultimate goal is to encapsulate the sophisticated marketplace of trust into simple and understandable products for our partners. The restaking API is just the beginning.’

Calvin Liu, CSO at EigenLabs, expressed excitement about the integration of restaking with P2P.org’s Staking API and dApp, calling it ‘a significant step forward in the Ethereum restaking ecosystem for institutions wishing to participate in restaking, or offer restaking to their clients.’ He added, ‘We’re excited to see how this new feature will enhance the restaking opportunities for a growing demand within institutional investors and contribute to the overall growth and security of the network.’

Restaking with EigenLayer represents a strategic move towards securing additional rewards and future-proofing staking strategies. Clients engaging with the Restaking API position themselves at the forefront of the Ethereum technology curve, ready to participate in additional protocol rewards for early restakers and other emerging opportunities.

Alex Esin, CEO of P2P.org, stated, ‘P2P.org has always been a pioneer in the staking infrastructure and services; the introduction of our Restaking API via EigenLayer reinforces this position. Our commitment to innovation, user-friendliness, and comprehensive support is unwavering as we continue to facilitate a seamless staking journey for our clients.’

As the first to market with a Restaking API, P2P.org sets a new Ethereum staking standard. The Restaking API is designed to be intuitive and easy to integrate, complemented by detailed documentation and dedicated 24/7 support. This approach ensures a smooth transition for businesses looking to leverage the full potential of Ethereum restaking.

At P2P.org, the dedication lies in providing top-tier tools for users to handle their digital assets, offering a truly decentralized and non-custodial staking experience. The new Restaking features reinforce the commitment to creating secure and user-centric services for the Ethereum ecosystem and serving institutional clients best. P2P.org invites users to join this exciting journey as they revolutionize the world of direct ETH staking.

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