Tennr Bridges Healthcare’s Fax Gap with AI-Powered Automation

While most tech companies have been trying to digitize faxes out of existence, Tennr has taken an unconventional approach – working with, not against, the fax machine. The healthcare industry still heavily relies on faxes, sending 9 billion faxes annually due to their reliability compared to emails and phone calls.

Tennr’s founders, Trey Holterman, Diego Baugh, and Tyler Johnson, met at Stanford and dedicated years to building robust systems for reading unstructured documents and automating data entry, specifically for healthcare. Today, practices nationwide use Tennr to automate referral processing, payment posting, claims auditing, and medical record management.

Instead of expecting practices to change, Tennr meets them where they are – working inside the fax solution they already know and trust. When a practice receives a digital fax, Tennr reads the documents and automates the associated work, extracting key patient information and coordinating with patients for scheduling. ‘When building Tennr and this healthcare integration, we looked at what’s actually needed and saw what was possible with technology,’ said Trey Holterman, CEO and co-founder of Tennr.

By automating the flow of information to commercial payors and reading the returned information, Tennr helps service providers catch and correct wrong information before submitting to insurance companies, minimizing denials and helping practices get paid faster. Rommy Foteh, Chief Operations Officer at NMA, said: ‘When we’re able to respond to our partners as quickly as we do now using Tennr, and ensure we have everything we need to see a patient, those patients remember their great experience with NMA.’

Commercial health plans like Prominence Health have embraced this technology, seeing it as a driver for better provider experiences and, consequently, better patient experiences. Dominic Henriquez, Chief Development Officer at Prominence Health, said: ‘By eliminating traditional administrative burdens like scanning medical records and data entry, Tennr enables us to prioritize elevating patient experiences, improving health outcomes, and enhancing care coordination.’

Cleaning up messy data from faxes is just the beginning of Tennr’s vision. ‘Amidst the theoretically unbounded possibilities of AI, the Tennr team has impressed us with their unwavering focus on building applications solving specific, tangible problems for their customers,’ said Kristina Shen, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

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