TradingView Partners with TRON DAO for HackaTRON Season 6

TradingView, a renowned global analytical platform, has taken a significant step by integrating the TRON network and becoming an official partner for HackaTRON Season 6. This prestigious event, hosted by TRON DAO, BitTorrent Chain, HTX DAO, and JustLend DAO, promises to be a competitive arena for blockchain developers to showcase their skills and innovative ideas.

With over 50 million users, TradingView stands as a pillar of community and expertise in market analysis and discussion. The platform’s participation in HackaTRON Season 6 is expected to elevate the competition, ensuring a high level of scrutiny and feedback from industry experts like Maksim Shymanovich and Alexey Telnov, who will serve as judges.

Beyond being a mere participant, TradingView has deepened its integration with TRON by incorporating the network into its platform. This move will provide users with access to real-time market updates, indicators, price trends, drawing tools, and widgets, enabling them to better engage with their decentralized applications (dApps) and fostering innovation across the TRON ecosystem.

HackaTRON Season 6 invites developers passionate about decentralized technology to compete for a $500,000* prize pool and $150,000* in energy support. The energy component offsets network fees, enabling more streamlined and effective blockchain transactions for users interacting with dApps. This initiative underscores TRON’s commitment to the blockchain community and TradingView’s dedication to fostering innovation and talent in the cryptocurrency sector.

Maksim Shymanovich, Senior Manager within the International Growth department at TradingView, expressed his excitement, stating: ‘It is fantastic to see the strong partnership we’ve built with the TRON DAO, and I’m really excited to be judging at HackaTRON S6. I look forward to evaluating innovative Web3 projects across diverse tracks like DeFi, Artistry, and more, from talented developers worldwide.’

Alexey Telnov, the Crypto Product Owner at TradingView, echoed similar sentiments: ‘I am honored to participate in this season’s HackaTRON event, witnessing the innovative ideas and solutions presented by talented individuals and teams. I look forward to evaluating the projects and contributing to the recognition of promising advancements within the blockchain space.’

With TradingView’s integration and participation, HackaTRON Season 6 promises to be an exciting and impactful event, fostering innovation and talent in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized technology.

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