Avrupa Minerals Gears Up for Ambitious Exploration Campaigns

Avrupa Minerals, a mineral exploration company, is embarking on an ambitious exploration journey across its projects in Portugal and Kosovo. The company’s CEO, Paul Kuhn, recently shared insights into their plans for 2024, highlighting significant progress made in deposit definition work at the Sesmarias copper-zinc-lead Project in Portugal during 2023.

The Sesmarias Project in Portugal is taking center stage, with Avrupa Minerals gearing up for an aggressive drilling program in the SES Central Zone. This drilling phase is set to commence soon and will play a pivotal role in determining the company’s path towards applying for a mining license, which is anticipated to occur in the first half of 2025 if the results are favorable.

Kuhn also discussed the company’s project in Kosovo, located in the Vihanti-Pyhäsalmi VMS District in Central Finland. This project comprises two exploration permits covering known massive sulfide deposits (Kangasjärvi and Hallaperä), an application over a massive sulfide deposit (Rauhala), and an exploration permit covering a massive sulfide target (Kolima). While awaiting the issuance of the Kolima permit, the joint venture is conducting basic exploration work, reviewing historic core and geophysical data, and modeling SkyTEM data from the Kangasjärvi license. These efforts have identified an outstanding un-drilled target near the old Kangasjärvi Mine, and plans are in place for drilling at this target in 2024.

Avrupa Minerals is focused on advancing its projects through aggressive exploration and drilling programs, with the aim of delineating significant mineral resources and ultimately advancing towards mining license applications. The company’s commitment to exploration and resource development underscores its dedication to unlocking the potential of its diverse portfolio of projects.

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