Hydrogen Utopia and Powerhouse Energy Join Forces for Sustainable Energy in Longford

Hydrogen Utopia International PLC and Powerhouse Energy Group PLC have joined forces to establish a joint venture for developing a facility in Longford, Republic of Ireland. The project aims to convert non-recyclable plastic waste into hydrogen, a clean and renewable energy source.

Aleksandra Binkowska, CEO of Hydrogen Utopia International, and Paul Emmitt, CEO of Powerhouse Energy Group, discussed the strategic significance of this initiative. Longford, identified through the EU’s Just Transition Fund, presents a promising opportunity due to its high unemployment rate and demand for hydrogen.

Historically an industrial hub with various factories, including a now-closed denim factory, Longford has faced economic decline and job losses. The project seeks to revitalize the city by leveraging its existing industrial infrastructure, advantageous location, and supportive community.

Under the joint venture, Powerhouse Energy will provide engineering expertise, while Hydrogen Utopia International will contribute the site. The partnership is structured around equal financial contributions and shared development responsibilities. The commercial terms include an initial payment of €100,000 from Powerhouse Energy to Hydrogen Utopia International, followed by shared development costs and further payments upon achieving project milestones.

The project’s approach is technology-agnostic, deferring the decision on which hydrogen technology to deploy until necessary approvals are secured to ensure project viability. The next steps involve community engagement, educating Longford’s residents about the benefits of hydrogen technology and its potential for job creation. The CEOs also highlighted ongoing efforts to secure additional funding and grants.

This collaboration signifies a move towards sustainable energy solutions, aiming to demonstrate a successful model for similar projects across Europe. By converting non-recyclable plastic waste into hydrogen, the joint venture aims to address environmental concerns while providing a clean energy source. The project’s success could pave the way for replicating this approach in other regions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. The CEOs expressed optimism about the project’s potential to revitalize Longford and serve as a blueprint for sustainable development.

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