Liberty Star Minerals Explores Promising Geological Features at Hay Mountain

Liberty Star Minerals’ Chief Geologist James Bryce recently shared updates on the drilling progress at the Hay Mountain property with Steve Darling from Proactive. Bryce outlined details about two holes drilled so far, highlighting the company’s commitment to thorough exploration and de-risking the project.

Hole HM-117, drilled at the center of a magnetic high and over a conductor identified by the ZTEM survey, encountered limestones of the Morita formation at a depth of 108 feet. The presence of Morita at this elevation suggested a faulting event with a vertical offset of over 800 feet. As a result, the company decided to deepen the hole by an additional 500 feet and extend the overall program by 1000 feet.

Bryce also discussed hole HM-001, located 0.6 miles east of hole HM-117. This hole was collared on a Colina limestone outcrop displaying polymetallic leakage textures at the surface, indicating elevated levels of lead, zinc, molybdenum, and sometimes copper. Despite being at a similar elevation as hole HM-117, it allowed the company to begin drilling approximately 1350 feet deeper into the stratigraphy. At a depth of 420 feet, the drill encountered the Horquilla Formation, known to host many copper deposits in the region. As the hole approached 1500 feet, the company decided to deepen it by 1000 feet due to increasing alteration, the presence of minor sulfides, and extensive carbonate vein stockworks.

Despite budget limitations, the project has successfully de-risked, laying groundwork for future exploration. Bryce anticipates refining the drill program with a larger budget based on results. These updates provide valuable insights into Liberty Star’s exploration efforts and the geological features encountered during drilling on the Hay Mountain property.

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