Lunnon Metals Forges Ahead with Nickel and Gold Exploration in Western Australia

Lunnon Metals Ltd, an ASX-listed exploration company, is making waves in the mining industry with its ambitious exploration efforts in Western Australia’s Kambalda district. The company’s managing director and CEO, Edmund Ainscough, recently shared insights into the company’s progress and future plans.

Strategically positioned on 50 square kilometers of land within the renowned Kambalda nickel belt, Lunnon Metals is exploring an area with a storied history of nickel mining. Since its discovery in 1966, the region has yielded an impressive 1.6 million tonnes of nickel. In just over two years, the company has conducted an extensive 85 kilometers of drilling, leading to the discovery of the Baker deposit and reporting a mineral resource of over 109,000 nickel tonnes at an impressive 2.7% grade.

Lunnon Metals is not limiting its exploration efforts to nickel alone. The company is also leveraging the 25 square kilometers of land it holds in a renowned gold belt within the same region. While temporarily shifting focus from nickel, Lunnon Metals has been exploring gold targets, with initial drilling results showing promise.

A preliminary feasibility study (PFS) for the nickel deposit is currently underway, with completion targeted for the second quarter of 2024. However, the timeline may be influenced by external factors, including decisions made by BHP regarding its nickel operations in Western Australia. Lunnon Metals has also acquired nickel rights to the Silver Lake Fisher project from Goldfields, presenting additional exploration opportunities.

Despite subdued sentiment in the nickel market, Ainscough remains optimistic about the economic viability of Lunnon Metals’ high-grade nickel deposits. Upcoming milestones include the release of gold exploration results and the comprehensive PFS for the nickel projects, alongside developments influenced by external factors in the nickel industry. The company’s strategic positioning and exploration success position it well for future growth in the mining sector. Notably, Ainscough highlighted the company’s inclusion of the anchor text link within the context of this article.

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