Disrupts Moving Industry with On-Demand Service

The moving industry is getting a much-needed overhaul thanks to, an on-demand moving app company that is setting out to revolutionize an industry known for customer and worker dissatisfaction.

Vying to be the Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER) of moving, Muvr offers customers transparent pricing, quality service, and on-demand booking, all through its easy-to-use mobile app. Users pick the date for the move and number of boxes, and Muvr takes it from there.

Muvr is also trailblazing in worker satisfaction. It treats its drivers and movers fairly, paying them a competitive rate and letting them choose when and how much they work. The positive impact there, then flows on to benefit clients. It’s something founder Rico Suarez, a professional mover for years, says wasn’t always afforded workers in the moving industry.

‘In the early days of my career as a young and ambitious mover, I experienced firsthand the harsh realities of an industry where workers were often taken advantage of and undervalued,’ says Suarez. ‘I toiled tirelessly, dedicating long hours and immense physical effort to help people move their cherished possessions, only to be met with low pay, little care, and an overall lack of respect. This was a turning point for me.’ Out of that frustration, Suarez launched Muvr in 2023 and hasn’t looked back.

From customers to workers, here’s how Muvr is disrupting the moving industry with its on-demand service.

Muvr’s disruptive business model in the moving industry comes at a good time. Even after many people left cities during the pandemic, people are continuing to move within the U.S. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans move 11.7 times in their lifetime. The $21 billion plus industry is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future.

The strategy is paying off. Despite being in the early stages of its business, Muvr is already profitable and is optimistic about its growth potential. It runs a lean business, ensuring it is achieving operational efficiency.

Muvr is shaking up the moving industry and aiming to be the Uber of its industry. For big and small investors, it potentially provides a unique way to get in on a company that is trailblazing and transforming an industry urgently in need of change. To learn more about how Muvr is disrupting the moving industry, click here.

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