TalentCulture Announces 2024 HR Tech Award Winners

TalentCulture has unveiled the winners of its 2024 HR Technology Awards, honoring groundbreaking solutions that prioritize the human experience in the workplace. The prestigious list includes multi-year winners like Cangrade, Fama, Humantelligence, and WorkTango.

According to Meghan M. Biro, CEO of TalentCulture, ‘We’re excited to showcase the 2024 TalentCulture HR Technology Winners. How technology is developed and used in the workplace remains a focal point for us, but more importantly, how technology enhances the human experience is of greater interest to us.’

The TalentCulture HR Tech Awards Program was developed to recognize and promote technologies that deliver on their promises and satisfy end-users. As Cyndy Trivella, Managing Partner at TalentCulture, explains, ‘The TalentCulture Community members and our wider audiences depend on us to bring these technologies to their attention, and it is our pleasure to do so.’

Biro adds, ‘We’re thrilled to actively seek technologies that humanize the importance of solving everyday problems. We consider it an honor to seek out the best products by the brightest developers who recognize the link between technology and the end-user experience.’ You can learn more about the TalentCulture HR Tech Award winners here.

Since 2010, TalentCulture has been connecting professionals to shape the human aspects of business, driving innovation and a commitment to collaboration. As a renowned authority in HR and HR Technology, TalentCulture aims to revolutionize the industry and drive positive change through a blend of expertise, technology, influence, and thought leadership.

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